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Search Rankings {Almost} Don’t Matter

  Welcome to our web series – Factor Fiction – where we will be will be discussing theories, myths, questions, and common misconceptions about the digital marketing industry as well as Google’s ranking factors. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below   Right now, I imagine most of you are like But it’s… CONTINUE READING

Factor Fiction S1:E1 – Why Isn’t SEO A One Time Thing?

  Welcome to our new web series: Factor Fiction This series will be discussing theories, myths, questions, and common misconceptions about the digital marketing industry as well as Google’s ranking factors. Let’s jump right in.   In our inaugural post, I thought it would be great to discuss a question which we often get asked:… CONTINUE READING

Getting Credit for SEO Impact Is Harder Than You Think

As an SEO company, data is difficult. We used to get keyword data in Analytics but that went away with secure search. We used to get accurate keyword rank tracking but that has deteriorated with personalized and localized search. Most of our data points that we have are flawed in some way, and take some… CONTINUE READING

SEO Ranking Factors – Search Accomplishment

For the better part of 2017, the marketing team at SEOteric has been talking about SEO, site engagement, bounce rates, and click-through rates as it relates to ranking factors. We have been seeing stronger correlations between good user metrics and rankings. We half jokingly said this must be tied to Google’s Rankbrain engine (the artificial… CONTINUE READING

Content Links and RankBrain

In a previous post, we outlined the processes we use to implement SEO and the four major pillars of SEO we try to influence.  We discussed technical SEO, content, links, and engagement. The reason we target these main areas is because if we can influence those areas in a positive way, we see better search… CONTINUE READING

How To Attract More Google Business Reviews

Lets get right to it. Local businesses need to rank in Google’s local businesses listings. There are several important ranking factors such as proximity to the searcher, location data, strength and consistency of local citations, and on-site SEO signals for your website. Google recently introduced prominence as a ranking factor for local business listings, and… CONTINUE READING

Are Your Business Listings Helping You Rank Better In Google?

Are Your Business Listings Helping You Rank Better In Google? Business Listings are important for local businesses, and many SEO and marketing companies have discussed the importance of having complete business listing profiles and consistent business listings across the local data landscape. You want your business listed on the websites that matter like Yelp, Manta,… CONTINUE READING

SEOteric Contributes To Beacons Article on Search Engine Journal

There is a lot of discussion among SEOs about the future of search and search technology. Google has continued to push the envelope of search technology with the introduction of Rank Brain – their AI learning machine. In order for SEOs to stay up to speed with search engine ranking processes and ranking factors, we… CONTINUE READING

The Four Major Pillars of SEO

When we work with new clients, an important part of building trust and relationships is transparency and clear expectations. SEO is sometimes hard to get a grasp of for people that don’t know how it works. It can feel like magic or voodoo, but it is a blended mix of art and science. Having an… CONTINUE READING

New Weekly SEO Reports

Introducing New Web-Based Weekly SEO Reports! For almost a year, we’ve been busy continuing to improve our service to our clients, and one step in that process has been to improve and enhance our weekly SEO reports. Providing timely, accurate, and important metrics and analytics is an important part of keeping our clients informed, and… CONTINUE READING

Play Music Through Mono-Bluetooth Headsets

As a “technology” company, we often get questions from our clients unrelated to digital media marketing, and because we love our clients, try to give them the answers they are looking for. We are their trusted resource. Because of this, we get all types of questions about backups, security, operating systems, and occasionally, we get… CONTINUE READING

SEOteric Sponsors Coldwell Banker SSK Awards Breakfast

Each year, Coldwell Banker SSK of Macon, Milledgeville, Warner Robins, and the Lake Sinclair area put on a wonderful awards breakfast celebration. SEOteric has been working with Coldwell Banker SSK for a few months now, helping them maintain and expand online market exposure. There was a lot to be proud of at the event, with… CONTINUE READING

Our Founder Highlighted At

Here at SEOteric, we utilize the very best tools to help us be efficient and effective at what we do. We have some great data and software partners such as Raven Tool,, CognitiveSEO, SEOMoz (now Moz), Majestic SEO, among others. We reach out to them from time to time and give feedback, feature request,… CONTINUE READING

The E-commerce Myths

We’ve been doing e-commence a long time, and there are a few myths out there that we would like to dispel. Myth #1: I need a simple shopping cart solution. Simple shopping cart solutions may be simple, but they lack the features of running a business. If your plan is for an e-commerce store to… CONTINUE READING

Link Building Best Practices For SEO

Link building is always a hot topic because it is really what makes an SEO campaign work. Content is important, page and link structure are important, and the url is important, but for competitive search terms, great on-site optimization will only get you so far. Much like in the world of content, quality is better… CONTINUE READING

Using Analytics To Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Most marketing campaigns are created to drive traffic to a website, get people to come to a location, or to make a phone call about a product or service. Media and advertising create the “call to action” that persuades a potential customer to make contact. Most established businesses have a location, a website, and a… CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Reasons Social Media Is NOT A Fad

Social Media is the culmination of the mediums people use to stay connected on the internet. It is the combination of personal, professional, and entertainment networks that we create as we navigate the internet. There is increasingly strong evidence that social media isn’t just a fad – it is the new way of sharing information…. CONTINUE READING

See Our Article On SEOmoz!

Check out our article on! We did a write up about blog comments and spam SEO tactics. We will do a follow-up on our site from info gathered from the comments on SEOmoz. Stay Tuned!

Does It Matter Who Builds Your Website?

Your Website Developer Matters – Part 1 You need a website, but aren’t sure what direction to go. You see commercials about $199 websites, getting a website for $9.99 a month, and then see companies charging thousands of dollars for websites.  Is there a difference in these services, and which one is right for you?… CONTINUE READING

Does Your Hosting Account Matter?

Your Website Developer Matters – Part 2 In Part 1 of Does Your Website Developer Matter, we talked about the process of building a website, some costs, and what really goes into making a successful website. An often overlooked part of websites is the hosting account. A hosting account acts as a host for the… CONTINUE READING

Google Getting It Right

Google has been rolling out updates and changes for a while now, and every time there is a “significant” update, the web stirs up with analysis and break downs on what the changes are, who got penalized, and what percentage of websites are affected. These changes really affect the SEO industry as a whole and… CONTINUE READING

Converting More Customers With Better Funneling

Increase Website Conversions with Featured Content One of the best ways to capture the attention of your website visitors is to quickly show them what they are looking for. When a website visitor visits your website, you have just a few seconds to capture their attention. During that brief first impression period, they have to… CONTINUE READING

Can Someone Please Explain Bounce Rate?

One of the most common questions we get when looking at Google Analytics data is “What is Bounce Rate?“. Bounce rate is a tricky little metric that can be deceiving at first glance. Let’s go ahead and define a “Bounce” as “when a web site visitor only views a single page on a website, that… CONTINUE READING

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