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Marketing: The Misunderstood Middle Child of the Business World

Posted: May 3, 2024

Author: Al Moses, Digital Marketing Specialist As a middle child, I’ve always resonated with the role of the perennial mediator—adaptable, independent, creative, and resilient. These qualities aren’t just the survival tools of someone sandwiched between… Read More

Competitive Intelligence In SEO Part 2: Gathering Your Intel, Using Your Intel, & The Turbulent Caveats

Posted: January 23, 2024

Author: Heidi Schmidt, Digital Marketing Specialist In part 1 of this series, Competitive Intelligence Factors & Importance, we addressed some of the elements that Google considers when ranking pages and why website optimizers should pay… Read More

Competitive Intelligence In SEO Part 1: The Factors & Importance

Posted: January 19, 2024

Author: Heidi Schmidt, Digital Marketing Specialist Competitive intelligence is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Relying on Google’s public-facing comments and press releases to determine what factors to consider when optimizing… Read More

Google Performance Max Ads - person with Google colored eyes

How to Get the Benefits of Discontinued Local Ads From Google’s New Performance Max Ads

Posted: January 9, 2023

Author: Heidi Schmidt, Digital Marketing Specialist Performance Max ads were officially available for use in November of 2021, but were rolled out as forced “upgrades” to Local campaign advertisers [and Smart Shopping advertisers] in Q3… Read More

2021 Digital Marketing SEO Recap

Posted: December 30, 2021

A Busy Year In SEO This past year in SEO was about as up and down as it was in real life. We saw several major changes in Google relating to local listing, ecommerce, links,… Read More

Franchise Location Website Solutions

Posted: May 3, 2021

Introducing Our New Franchise Location Website Solution There are some unique challenges that franchises face that have a lot of locations. They need better tooling to manage their location pages and a way to improve… Read More

Local Algorithm Changes – Bedlam November 2019

Posted: December 4, 2019

Google Bedlam Local Update (Nov 2019) November 2019 had a big impact on local rankings in Google. So much so that the ranking change was called “Bedlam” because, well, for many people it produced uproar… Read More

Google Updates Nofollow, Adds Sponsored and UGC Hints

Posted: September 11, 2019

On September 10th, Google posted an update to their Webmaster Central Blog with an update to how they plan to handle nofollow attributes on links. The rel=”nofollow” attribute was put in place as a directive… Read More

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