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Franchise Digital Marketing

Solutions Built Specifically For Franchises and Multi-location Businesses.
Seoteric helps franchise businesses attract potential franchisees and improve local store sales using localized digital marketing strategies. The top four things potential franchisees want to see in a franchisor is Product, Culture, AUV (average unit volume) and Net (Net profitability per store).

Our franchise digital marketing approach helps brands improve the attractiveness of their franchise offering by helping create more appeal around the product and culture, and by increasing store level sales metrics. We’ve helped franchise locations see a 300% or more increase in conversions and actions that lead to revenue opportunities. Our process helps each location increase organic SEO rankings in Google Maps (local listings) and organic listings. We also often pair this with Adwords and social media marketing to create a customized and local approach to each individual location.

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Our Process is Designed to Deliver 4 Main Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Improve individual location sales metrics for a healthier AUV.
  • Solve challenges related to data, brand consistency, and campaign performance.
  • Create lead opportunities for new franchise growth.
  • Provide a strategic partnership to keep your brand on the leading edge of digital marketing.

We Manage the Volatility of the Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

Google Changes Over Time
Volatility of Changes to Google Algorithm (2014-2018)

Franchise digital marketing isn’t just about the “right now” – but it’s also about keeping up with trends and shifts in technology and processes. Google has become increasingly dynamic, with changes occurring more and more frequently. In 2018 alone, Google reported over 3,000 changes. These changes impacted local search, organic ranking signals, spam prevention, new results page features, structured data, featured snippets, knowledge graph data, Google My Business updates, and core updates. SEOteric monitors rankings daily and identifies how and when adjustments need to be made.

The Full Suite of Franchise Digital Marketing Services

Franchise Digital Marketing - Business Listings

Business Listing Management

Google My Business, Data Aggregators, and many more listing sites that matter.

Franchise Digital Marketing - SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increase rankings for franchise leads and for individual locations.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Web Design

Website Design & Development

Get the web tools needed for managing multiple locations.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Google Adwords

Google Adwords Management

Search and Display campaigns for both franchise leads and individual locations.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Review Monitoring

Reviews Monitoring & Management

Monitor and respond to Google reviews from one dashboard to make reputation management easier.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Get in front of customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google Posts and more.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Video Production

Video Production & Advertising

Tell your story with video to capture the attention of your audience.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Conversion Rate Optimization

Lead Tracking & Management

Capture leads by channel, and funnel them to your CRM with lead routing.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics and metrics for individual locations and cumulative views.

Franchise Digital Marketing - Consulting

Consulting and Support

Franchisor and Franchisee support and consulting from our dedicated team.

See How We’ve Helped Other Brands Grow

A SURGE In Google Exposure

As rankings for local maps and organic results increases, our impressions begin to build over time. The following chart shows impressions growth from the beginning of the campaign to May 2019. This franchise started with around 100,000 monthly Google impressions in maps and in search, and we’ve helped them grow to over 2.25 million monthly impressions in Google maps and search. This has a huge impact on location visibility and store traffic.

Google Impressions for Franchise Locations

Franchise Marketing Results - Google My Business Actions

A SURGE In Google Actions

The mark of a successful digital marketing campaign is when individual franchise locations see the benefits. Across the board, each location began to see the number of actions and conversions increase, resulting in new location visits, phone calls, and growing revenue. Getting ranked in Google My Business for the search keywords that drive actions is a big part of a successful SEO campaign.

See Average Franchise Digital Marketing Budgets

Franchise Location SEO

Franchise location SEO is a search engine optimization strategy to help individual locations rank for search terms in their markets. This is really a mix of a lot of small individual campaigns. Each location has the care and attention of its own campaign, giving it the amount of attention, uniqueness, and differentiation that it needs to success in search. Franchise local SEO involves managing and optimizing location pages, business listings, Google My Business, analytics and conversion tracking on an individual level to create as much relevance as possible for each location. The results of this type of approach gives us better rankings in Google maps and organically in the search results.

Franchise SEO

Franchise Google Ads Management

Much like franchise SEO, Google Ads for franchises requires a focused approach for each location. We provide individual location keyword research, campaigns, ad groups and ads. Each location gets its own display and remarketing animated ad design. Conversions and analytics are also tracked at the individual location level for granular reporting. We manage search terms, negative keywords, and A/B testing on ads along with trend analysis to continually improve and optimize ad performance for each location.

Franchise Google Adwords Marketing

Franchise Social Media Marketing

Social Media is another important digital marketing channel for franchises. Each location needs to cater to its own audiences and demographics. SEOteric will help with location page set up and optimization and get a strategy in place for connecting with that audience. We help franchises with brand-wide social media advertising as well as location specific posting, advertising, and promoted stories. We can help you leverage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Posts (plus several other platforms) to get your brand in front of your target audience in social media.

Franchise Social Media Marketing

Franchise Website Design & Development

A website for franchises has to be able to support the needs of multiple locations. That means administration, technology, content, design, conversion tracking, analytics, speed, performance, and uptime. Users expect to be able to quickly find the locations near them and get their needs met. That means easy features for location search, click to call features, directions, ordering online, capturing leads, and many their actions that may be required for your business. SEOteric can help create the technology to manage all the moving parts, and get a design that looks great and works on all devices.

Franchise Website Design and Development

Franchise Analytics and Reporting

SEOteric provides a full suite of analytics and reporting in an up to date, real-time dashboard. This dashboard has integrations with Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Ads, social media metrics, and rankings to give a full 360 degree view of the overall performance of each campaign. Each location will receive individual Google rankings tracking, individual reporting, and their own dashboard to see just their own information. Plus, we provide a dashboard for a cumulative view so you can see the big picture as it relates to all locations and overall website and digital marketing performance.

Franchise Digital Marketing Analytics

Franchise Digital Marketing FAQs

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Is there a minimum number of locations?

How do you handle individual location website pages?

Do you manage Google My Business listings for each location?

Do you manage all business listings for each location?

Do you track analytics for each location?

Do you track Google rankings for each location?

Do you do content for each location?

What if I'm not a franchise, but have a lot of business locations?

Do you do Google Ads for individual locations?

Can you manage individual location social media like Facebook and Instagram?

Do you handle advertising on Facebook and Instagram for individual locations?

Do I get reports for each location?

Do I get reports for all locations (cumulative)?

What if some locations outperform or outrank others?

What happens if there is a Google update that affects our rankings?

How long does it take to start seeing results/rankings?

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