The Importance of A Logo

Every company needs branding, and every website needs a logo. We specialize at helping companies create a logo that works for them and accentuates their company’s message. Logos are the fundamental building blocks of your brand, and getting that right can make other areas of branding easier and more consistent. When we design a logo or re-brand a company, we start with the mission of the organization and who they are targeting. That gives us an idea of symbolism, meaning, colors, and perception. Your logo and service mark need to have meaning that connects, and SEOteric knows how to connect.

Creating Your Company Identity

Logo creation is a combination of art and science, and we have a process that helps get it right. First, we need to understand logo and style trends. Design elements change with time, and depending on the style chosen, you can choose an iconic style, a timeless style, or a modern style. The fonts and style will determine how your logo is perceived, and we will help you identify what works for your brand and your audience. Once we know the direction, we can then look at specific colors, fonts, and marks to highlight the brand.

The anatomy of the logo should all have meaning. When we developed our logo, we had a few things in mind. 1) We wanted a icon, and a modern style. 2) We wanted it to symbolize our core mission of ranking in search engines. 3) We wanted bright colors that pop. 4) We wanted color and black and white versions.

The Anatomy of a Logo

Each element of the logo has meaning, and when your logo has meaning, it adds value to your business. Your logo will be used in just about everything you create – letterhead, business cards, website, promo materials, signs, etc. Its the most important visual aspect of your brand. The image above shows how we chose and designed the elements of our logo here at SEOteric. We identified the things that were important to us, an incorporated those into the design.

logo anatamy

Logo File Types

When we design logos, we need a few variations. We create full color and black and white versions. We also create solid background and transparent background versions. For printing and larger projects, you need a scalable version (or vector file). We create all the versions you may need in all the file types you need. Having these makes creating signage, shirts, and other graphics much easier for the designer.

Logo Project Pricing

 seoteric-trans logo-start-up logo-font-only logo-font-and-icon logo-business-identity logo-corporate-identity
 Vector Artwork tooltip
Your logo will be created using vector artwork, allowing for large format and image scaling. Vector artwork is used in everything from t-shirts to billboards.
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 Full Color Graphics tooltip
You get a full color art file ready for use in printing just about anything.
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 Transparent Background Graphics tooltip
Your artwork will be able to be used with a transparent background on just about any design. This prevents a white or black box around your logo (unless that is a part of your logo).
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 Black & White Versions tooltip
We provide black and white versions of you logo for use in grayscale pieces or other instances that require a black and white version.
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 Font File Used For Logo tooltip
We will provide the font file used for the logo so other items such as headlines or highlight text can match when marketing collateral is created.
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 Service Mark (Icon) Creation tooltip
We create a customized service mark for your brand that can be used with the text logo or as a stand alone branding piece.
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 Business Card Design tooltip
We design your business cards to create a unique and branded look – not just dropping your logo in a template. You’ll have print ready artwork for your business cards (for up to 10 people in our standard package).
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 Letterhead Design tooltip
We design your business letterhead to match your business cards for a truly branded company look and feel.
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 Envelope Design tooltip
Designed to perfectly match your letterhead, business envelopes go along way to make your brand stand out.
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 Signage Design tooltip
For businesses that have a storefront, we design your signage (1 design in our standard package) to fit the dimensions and style of your building, office park, or location.
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 Corporate Design tooltip
Corporate design includes additional items such as vehicle graphics, billboard design, and trade show booth design. For clients with bigger branding needs.