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    Higher Rankings mean more traffic and more conversion opportunities, which leads to more revenue and growth. Our goal isn't just rankings - its helping you drive more revenue.

SEOteric Is A Search-First Digital Marketing Agency. SEO Is What We Do Best.

Modern SEO is about knowing how to optimize all aspects of your website. SEO involves technical components, content, links and credibility signals, and user engagement metrics. As competition and scope increase, so does the need to be stronger in each area. Our SEO Services are designed to influence the things that will help get your business ranked for the keywords that matter.

SEO is a cumulative process and adds value to your website when it’s done properly. Unlike a pay-per-click campaign, our SEO campaigns have long-lasting value. The processes, pages, business listings, and updates we do for your business will always remain yours.

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Restaurant SEO Results Drive New Customers and Online Orders

Restaurant SEO Results Drive New Customers and Online Orders

Since 2017, we’ve helped Your Pie leverage SEO to drive new customers to their franchise locations. We helped them rank in searches for pizza-related keywords that created new visitors, online orders, and conversions at an increasing rate. We’ve grown Google impressions from less than 50,000 per month to over 6 million per month, gaining close to 70,000 actions on Google Business Profiles per month across 70+ locations.


Restaurant SEO Results - Actions Restaurant SEO Results - Views


Views In Google


Google Actions


Conversion Rate


Online Orders
Local Home Services Businesses Utilize SEO to Create New Customers

Local Home Services Businesses Utilize SEO to Create New Customers

SEOteric has helped Four Seasons Garage Doors since its inception in 2015. Our team developed the brand, created a digital marketing strategy, and executed SEO to help them rank for garage door related keywords in their service areas of North Carolina. The site averages 60+ leads per month from organic SEO channels including their Google Business Profile. They have a 7% website conversion rate for phone calls and lead forms, with 60% or more of traffic coming from organic SEO channels.


Leads Per Month


Website Conversion Rate


Keywords Ranked


Years As A Partner
Regional Manufacturer Uses SEO to Grow to National Audience

Regional Manufacturer Uses SEO to Grow to National Audience

When we began working with Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing in 2013, they had about 1200-1500 visits per month, but no way to track conversions at the time. Over the years, we’ve helped them increase to over 17,000 visits per month, with new leads coming in every day. We’ve tackled some competitive industry terms to drive both informational and transactional traffic to the website, allowing them to position themselves for manufacturing nuts, bolts, and alloys for a wide range of projects across the US.


Visits Per Month


SEO Traffic


Leads Per Month


Years As A Partner

Pricing Options

Local SEO Services

Starting at
$ 750.00/month

*The Local Package is for businesses that provide services to a local market with moderate competition. It focuses on keyword and topic saturation in your primary city, Google Business Profile optimization, and website optimizations.

SEO Services

Starting at
$ 1500.00/Month

*Our SEO Service is designed for businesses in more competitive markets, and/or with larger service areas spanning across multiple cities, states, regions, or nationally. It takes more authority to rank over a larger area, and this package is designed to meet those demands.

Results-Driven SEO Services

We track thousands of individual keywords daily, and monitor Google and other search engines for significant updates. Even as search engines continue to evolve, our core SEO processes have kept us leading the way in helping clients gain visibility in search engines, specifically Google.

Our process is based on 4 pillars of modern SEO (we call it the 4 “Cs”): Code and Technical Aspects, Content and Message Relevance, Credibility and Authority Aspects, and Conversion and User Aspects.


Results-Driven SEO Services

What You Get With Our SEO Services

Our SEO services are engineered to add value to your brand. When you work with us, you are building value for your website and your brand. The things we do to enhance your SEO are not tricks or shortcuts, but rather steps in building relevance and importance for you.

Think about it. Google’s main goal is to give its users the best match for their searches. They want to return the most relevant result. That simply means the best answer from the best source. Boiled down, the results are ranked and weighted based on how accessible, relevant, and credible the website is, and how users interact with that website. Everything we do is centered around understanding how Google and search engines define relevance and influencing the things that matter.

If you refer to the chart above, we have a high-level look at the things we will work on for you.

What You Get With Our SEO Services

Coding & Technical SEO

We optimize your website from the technical aspects. We optimize the code structure to make the website load faster and place important information higher up in the code. We optimize metadata and structured data that users can’t see but search engines index. We make sure the website works in all browsers and devices, including having a mobile layout for phones and tablets. We check robots.txt files, sitemaps, and other technical details to ensure you are built on a solid foundation. We also may reorganize content into a better structure and utilize breadcrumbs so users and search engine bots know how content is related. There are hundreds of items to optimize from the technical aspect and we cover as many as we possibly can.

Coding & Technical SEO

Content and Topics

Content is a critical part of website SEO. Without relevant content that answers the search query, it’s not likely that you will rank in search engines. We develop and optimize content for our clients that is unique and in-depth. In order to be seen as a resource for your customers or search engines, you have to provide useful information. We often tell our clients that our goal is to help them become the Wikipedia of their market. Give the user a helpful information center and FAQs, supporting images, and video. If potential customers find the information helpful, so will search engines. That will help you increase your visibility in search engines.

So let’s take a minute and discuss what “SEO content” really is. SEO is about creating relevance around topics. The days of simple keywords and keyword density are over. Your website needs to cover the topics and subtopics of your business and answer the questions people type into a search engine. You still have the top-level keywords such as “example service in example city.” Then you have the searches done during the shopping/buying process such as “what is the best ….” or “how much does ___ cost.” Search has become more conversational and exploratory. It is important to capture an audience that is engaged in the shopping and buying process by answering their questions and providing useful content. It isn’t about just getting the keyword on a page a certain percentage of the time. Google algorithms are getting better and better at understanding what “quality content” is. Simply put, “SEO Content” is quality content.

Content and Topics

Credibility and Authority

Credibility and authority can be demonstrated by looking at a live business. A business that has been in an area for a while will naturally build relationships and connections. Those connections are a conduit to transfer credibility and authority. A business is seen as credible or authoritative by the people and businesses that interact and connect with it. The same is true for a website.

We start by optimizing the things that a credible business should have. We create and optimize business listings on the website and services that people use. These listings provide valuable signals to Google about your brand, your location, and your business category. You also get local citations and links from these listings, and links act as a similar conduit for credibility, authority, and trust. We leverage relationships and content to produce good link opportunities. Google has become very good at devaluing manipulative link practices, so the links we build are based on quality and relevance instead of quantity and ease of acquisition.

We monitor link profiles (or the collective history of all your website links) for relevance and quality every week to ensure that we have clean and relevant links pointing to our client’s websites.

Credibility and Authority

Conversions and User Engagement

Conversion and specifically user engagement aspects are the wildcards of SEO. Imagine a website that does a good job in technical SEO, content, and credibility, but has a poor design. A user may find that website, and based on first impression or perception, they choose to leave and bounce back to Google. Do you think this website will continue to rank well? Not Likely. If user data suggest a website isn’t a good match for a search query, that website may lose rankings. The user experience is vitally important to converting visitors into leads and customers, and to staying ranked well in Google.

We optimize our websites for conversions, and that starts with a clean design and user-friendly interface. Then you add in a fast website and easy accessibility with a mobile responsive design. Sprinkle in good content and a dash of credibility. Top it off with a clear call to action and easy-to-find contact numbers and forms. Then we track conversion data by page and by source so we can continue to optimize for the user experience and improve the number of leads our customers get.

Our 10x Model

Our flagship process is our 10X model. This isn’t a “make a page 10 times better” mantra, because quite frankly, that isn’t possible in a lot of spaces. Our 10X model takes competitive intelligence from the top 10 ranking results to identify the types of results Google is looking for to answer the query. We look at the content depth, use of media, on-site signals, internal linking and sub-pages, and the quality of the ranking sites as a whole. Then we formulate a plan to amplify what we find into a better resource, tailored to your brand.

The 10X process involves keyword research (to identify targets, search volume, and competition), content outline creation, content creation, landing page design, landing page development, internal link optimization, on-site optimization, and refinements. Once we see how we rank, we’ll continue stacking wins (improvements) and see how Google responds with rankings. Sometimes the results are quick, and we can make adjustments and improvements quickly. Sometimes rankings are slower to develop, but we keep improving quality signals until we reach our ranking goals.

This isn’t just dropping a lot of content on a page. It’s much more of a UX/UI-designed landing page engineered to help users experience your content, not just read it. We break content into natural breaks using panel-based storyboard layouts, allowing the user to easily navigate and consume the content. You can interlink supporting pages and provide multiple conversion opportunities. These 10X landing pages are greater for both users and for SEO ranking ability.

Our 10x Model

Timeline of SEO Results

SEO is an investment and often doesn’t create immediate results. The amount of time it takes to start seeing revenue and conversions from SEO efforts is affected by your starting position, your specific website and SEO needs, and the competition of the keyword and phrases you are targeting.

Local SEO can take anywhere from 1-2 months to 6-9 months. Ecommerce SEO or enterprise SEO can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months or longer depending on the competition.

We can sometimes estimate the amount of time it takes to get results by identifying the gaps you have in technical, content, and links. The time it takes to execute the gap and become a good resource (or answer) to the searcher is one part of the timeline.

The other part of the timeline is Google. Since we don’t control Google, we can’t control how long it takes for SEO improvements to take effect. Google’s reps have stated multiple times that new quality signals can take months to get credited to you and show up in improved rankings.

… even if you make big changes with the design and the functionality, and you add new features and things, I would definitely expect that to take multiple months, maybe half a year, maybe longer for that to be reflected in search because it is something that really needs to be re-evaluated by the systems overall.” – John Mueller

The question was asked if people needed to “just wait” for Google, and John Mueller said that the time could be used to continue improving the site, rather than waiting for months to see the results.

Well, I wouldn’t wait, I would continue working on your website. Don’t give up.

So our approach is to continually “stack wins” and improve quality signals. Google will reward those efforts, but not on an immediate timeline. SEO isn’t just a series of checkboxes and once you have those you can rank. It’s much more of an overall quality assessment and being a good trusted resource. That applies to local SEO all the way up to enterprise SEO.

Timeline of SEO Results

Weekly and Monthly Reports

We provide our clients with a weekly analytics report package that includes ranking positions of dozens to hundreds of keywords, visitor data, engagement data, conversion data, and visitor location data. This gives a complete look at how the website performs on a week-to-week basis with the previous 30 days of data. We also provide a monthly visibility report containing information about local business listings and citations for your business. These reports act as an optimization point where we can make data-driven decisions on the next steps and how to continually improve.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboards

You don’t have to wait for reporting. With our analytics dashboards, you can get access to data and KPIs when you want them. See keywords rankings updated every 24 hours, and traffic and conversion data that refreshes up to every 15 minutes. You can follow along as rankings and traffic increase, and you’ll be able to see it happen at your leisure. Our dashboards have built-in historical comparison features so you can see progress and compare time periods.

The Right SEO Partner

You want to choose the right partner to manage your SEO and digital marketing strategies. Our SEO service is engineered to be continually moving the needle and improving relevance and ranking potential. It boils down to our processes, our culture, and our overall philosophy about marketing. You can see the work we do as our process is transparent, giving you access for approval and direction. We have years of experience getting results for clients of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

A US-based SEO Agency

SEOteric was founded and is headquartered in Athens, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Our team mostly works from our main office, and we don’t outsource anything overseas. We believe that our team can build competency and expertise as we grow together, which is why we focus on building our team through employees instead of contractors.


Specialized Support For SEO Related Processes

SEO Services cover things like technical issues and content creation, and you’ll have access to code developers, writers, strategists, and designers as it’s required. It’s difficult for one person to excel in all the areas needed to execute a campaign, so we’ve put together a team that can execute even the most difficult initiatives.

Local SEO and SMB SEO

Local SEO is helping businesses get ranking within their cities and service areas. Most people think strictly of Google My Business (Google Maps) rankings when you talk about Local SEO, but we also improve local rankings in the organic listings below the maps. Our approach is to leverage both website content and relevance along with Google My Business to create an opportunity for ranking in maps and in the organic listings.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is SEO on a larger scale. For businesses with large geographic areas (or even national companies), we help create ranking opportunities agnostic of location (meaning, you rank everywhere in the US). We’ve help clients rank for national keywords that drive revenue at scale. Getting ranked for enterprise keywords has an enormous impact on revenue and business growth.

Ecommerce SEO

Similar to enterprise SEO, e-commerce SEO is product-driven. In order to rank well for products, you need good category structure, in-depth category pages, and in-depth product pages that have unique and useful content. We also help optimize technical considerations like product schema, Google Merchant Center feed for Google Shopping and optimize sites for sales and conversions.

Franchise SEO & Multi-location Businesses

Franchise SEO can be a two-part approach. We help some organizations with franchise recruitment by improving rankings for search terms related to franchise opportunities. This can be a powerful tool for franchise growth.

We also help franchises with local SEO marketing for each franchise location. We’ll employ local SEO strategies for each location and help them attract business from local searches in Google My Business and in the organic listings.

SEO Consulting

Most of our SEO Services have both strategy development and execution/implementation, but some of our clients only need us in a guidance/consulting role. Some larger businesses may have internal marketing staff that can execute tactics but needs direction on what to do and how to achieve results. SEOteric can provide guidance and consulting that is actionable to help your marketing team maximize their impact.

SEO Projects

Similar to SEO consulting, some businesses hire us to execute specific initiatives like technical optimizations, landing page development, or link acquisition. These types of arrangements are based on hourly input and can help existing teams execute where they lack expertise, bandwidth, or talent. We can often help accelerate the process by supplementing existing teams.

SEO Audits

Our SEO Audits are also tools used to assist in-house teams to uncover actionable and prioritized steps to improve their SEO efforts. We take a deep dive into technical, content, and link aspects to deliver an actionable report on how you can execute and improve ranking signals. We also offer an implementation service to execute the action items on each audit. We have some clients that we perform yearly or quarterly audits to make sure the team is staying on track with important issues.

We Have an In-House Team

The people that work on your campaign are SEOteric employees and not overseas vendors. This makes expectations and communication clearer and helps us continually develop and train our team to get better and more effective and proficient in our processes. We are always updating SEO processes and services to reflect the most effective strategies, and we can do that because we have full control over the process.

Pricing Options

Local SEO Services

Starting at
$ 750.00/month

*The Local Package is for businesses that provide services to a local market with moderate competition. It focuses on keyword and topic saturation in your primary city, Google Business Profile optimization, and website optimizations.

SEO Services

Starting at
$ 1500.00/Month

*Our SEO Service is designed for businesses in more competitive markets, and/or with larger service areas spanning across multiple cities, states, regions, or nationally. It takes more authority to rank over a larger area, and this package is designed to meet those demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take on average?

For local SEO, you can usually see results within 3-5 months, but that can take longer if you are starting with a new website or with no rankings, or if you are in a competitive industry or market. If you have some history or some rankings then that can speed up the results. Remember, we can influence Google, but we can’t control Google. They will reward a website with improved rankings once they process new quality signals, which in some cases, can take many months. For more competitive keywords, it can take 6-12 months or longer. The important thing to note here is that when you stack wins and continue to build quality, you’ll keep improving.

Will you change my website to help SEO?

Yes, we will make changes to your website, but those changes go through an approval process with you first. We’ll create outlines for content with your input, then we create content, get your revisions and approvals, and then publish. We may also offer recommendations on layout, speed and performance, conversion optimizations, and other website items based on our findings. You’ll be able to approve changes we make ahead of time.

Do I need a new website?

For some businesses, a new website makes a lot of sense. The average lifespan of a website is 2.5 to 3 years, so if it’s that old or older, it may make sense to start fresh. Why is the lifespan around 3 years? Technology in the website space changes a lot, and so do user expectations, so it’s best to keep up with technology from a security, performance, and usability standpoint.

What are the most important SEO ranking factor?

We get asked this a lot, and as with most answers in SEO, it depends. Some keywords require a lot of trust and authority (links and citations), while some keywords require in-depth content to answer a query. Some require both. We did a correlation study that found that the most important ranking factor was in fact being comprehensive in your approach. So the website that had strong signals in the most factors tended to win. So, we concluded that the most important SEO ranking factor is how many factors you can positively influence. Here is a look at that study:

What tools do you use to perform SEO?

We use a variety of SEO tools and utilities with thousands of dollars in services. We have a mix of internal and external tools, including rank tracking tools, analytics tools, competitive intelligence tools, research tools, project management tools, link outreach tools, crawling and audit tools, and several others. The tools themselves may change from time to time, but the important takeaway is that we invest heavily in tooling to allow us to execute effective strategies, test, report, and track performance over time. Tooling is often one of the overlooked aspects of budgeting for SEO services, as lower retainers typically mean less inputs (talent, time, and utilities).

How much does SEO cost?

SEO services can range from $500 to $5000 or more based on the amount of input required, the competitive landscape, your starting position, and the value of the terms we are targeting. Local SEO retainers for small to mid sized markets range from $500-$800 monthly. Mid to larger size markets can range from $900-$1250 per month, and major metro areas and competitive terms can range from $1500-$2000 per month. E-commerce and National SEO tends to start at $2500 and can vary depending on the number of products/categories, and competition. For Enterprise level accounts that require higher levels of expertise, resources, and time, those can range between $3500 and $7500 per month.

How do I know if SEO is working?

We provide a real-time analytics dashboard that compiles all of your marketing analytics data. You’ll be able to see rankings changes (daily), as well as traffic and conversion/sales data. SEO is working when Google is responding to changes by increasing your rankings for keywords. This climb can be over a 2-4 month period for small local campaigns, 3-7 months for mid-level competition, and 7-12 months for higher competitive terms. Smaller competition terms may see faster results as they move up the rankings quickly. More difficult terms will move slower because the competing websites will have more relevance and authority to catch up with.

How do I know what keywords I am ranking for?

We often hear (surprisingly) that some agencies don’t share what terms they are targeting, at least not in an easy to discover way. From the very start, we work with you to identify the right mix of keyword and topics to target, and you can see those right in your analytics dashboard. We can even pin important terms to the top so you can see what is important to you.

How often do you check SEO rankings?

Our crawlers will update SEO rankings every 24 hours. This data is stored so you can see progress over time and compare periods. This timeline helps us to see what improvements have higher impact, and if Google changes require action. We recommend our clients check periodically (weekly, or bi-weekly). You’ll likely see movement like the stock market – some days up, some days down – but the overall trend we are looking for is steady improvement.

How are SEO rankings calculated?

Rankings are tracked daily using the location you wish to target. We utilize tools that perform daily checks in organic and map results in Google and Bing search engines. As other search engines grow in popularity, we may add additional tracing to the mix in the future.

How do you track conversions/sales from SEO?

We will set up tracking points on your desired actions, like a form submission, phone calls, or online sales. These actions will trigger events and conversions in Google Analytics, allowing us to see how well each marketing channel and landing page performs. This gives us great insight into how to further optimize and improve campaigns. These conversions can be viewed in your SEO dashboard along with other marketing metrics.

What is the return on investment for SEO?

On average, SEO is one of the highest ROI marketing channels, as it helps reduce your overall costs per customer acquisition. The actual ROI will depend on many factors including your site’s actual conversion rate, your lead to customer conversion rate, the profitability of your products or services, and your cost to attract visitors based on your industry’s and your market’s competition.

How do you keep SEO strategies up to date with Google?

Although Google makes several thousand changes per year, we have an evergreen process to help us identify what Google wants based on each targeted query. We run competitive intelligence on the top 10 results to understand the type of results, type of content, and the signals affecting rankings. These signals may change over time as the results change, and by analyzing the changes and the new results, we can understand what direction Google is moving in and how the strategy needs to update. If these changes affect our clients, they become actionable, and we’ll respond accordingly.

Do you monitor my SEO competition?

Yes, as a form of competitive intelligence. We’ll analyze the top ranking sites to understand 1) what does Google want from the search terms, and 2) what are competitors doing in the space. We want to help position our clients to meet both the requirements for search, but also have a strong sales message that differentiates them from the competition. Much like how we monitor Google for changes, we’ll keep an eye on the competition as we progress. Google is quite dynamic, and so is the competition in the digital space.

How much content is enough for SEO?

Each search term/keyword/topic may have its own requirements for how in-depth the results need to be. That’s another value of competitive intelligence. As we analyze the results in Google, we understand the content depth needed to compete, as well as the supplemental content required (subpages and related content) to rank. The goal is to help become a good resource for the search terms, and that often means completely covering a topic as in-depth as possible.

Do I own the work done for SEO?

With SEOteric, yes. In our agreements, we clearly state that all work done for our clients remains their work. This isn’t the case for some SEO agencies though. It is an important question to ask. We’ve recently helped several small businesses recover from agencies that “lease” their website and content to them. Some agencies in several niches even duplicate content across hundreds of other sites, so you have to be careful that your agency provides unique content that you own the right to. At SEOteric, we always provide work that the client will own and retain.

Do you own my website?

Much like the work or the content, you’ll have the rights to your website, meaning, you can take it and host it wherever you like (if it’s a site we built in WordPress or a custom build). The only exception to this is if you have your website built on a platform like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or Shopify. These types of websites are more like “website as a service” companies, and you can’t take those where you want to. But, the work we do on those platforms would also remain yours as long as you pay for the use of those platforms. If you have questions about ownership, platforms, etc, we can help give some guidance here, as it can vary from provider to provider. We always land on the side of the client retaining ownership whenever possible.

Do you own my business listings?

No, you own all business listings we create for you. If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, we will create one for you and grant you primary ownership of that listing, and allow access to our team to manage it and optimize it. The same goes for other listings as well.

What guarantees do you offer for SEO?

Guarantees are tricky with SEO, because we don’t control Google, but we can influence rankings by meeting the requirements for a top result. Google also doesn’t reward rankings immediately when work is done, and they have repeatedly said that new quality signals can take months to process. So we “stack wins” over time in order to prove to Google algorithms that we are a good result. Our guarantee is that you’ll be a better resource for the query, and we’ll work to improve that, but the timeline of getting results and the actual ranking positions are not something we can “control”, and we can only guarantee items we can control. There also isn’t a “special relationship with Google”, or an SEO boost from using Google Ads, or a secret process that does this faster – those are false claims you’ll often hear in a sale pitch. SEO is a long-term strategy, and when executed well, produces the best long-term results.

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