Custom Coding & Software Development Services

Transform Your Business with Tailored Software Solutions

At SEOteric, we understand that off-the-shelf software may not always fulfill the unique needs of your business. That's precisely why our expert developers are dedicated to crafting custom coding and software development solutions that are as unique as your company.

You may find that you need to make connections to software for automation purposes, to improve user experience, or to add necessary features. We work within a variety of development languages and platforms, including Wordpress, Shopify, Rails, Javascript, and so much more. We've helped clients with small solutions using Zapier all the way up to full-blown custom applications.

Custom Application Development by SEOteric

We offer a 6-part process: Discovery, Development, UX/UI Creation, Testing, Deplyoment, and Training.

  • Discovery - We scope the project and outline deliverables, timeline, and costs.
  • Development - we create the solution based on the scope.
  • UX/UI Creation - we design the user interface to enhance the customer experience.
  • Testing - ee make sure all components are tested, stable, and secure.
  • Deployment - we put it into production for use.
  • Training - we teach you how to use it, and maintain the areas you need to.

Getting Started With A Custom Project

We take the time to clearly understand a project, its costs and requirements, and its inevitable evolution over time. We'll work with you to come up with a plan to meet those exact requirements.

Project Discovery

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Most projects require several hours of high-level engineers to properly scope a project. We allocate 8-10 hours of discovery which is often enough for small to medium sized projects. If a project requires more discovery due to higher technical requirements, lengthy documnentation, and complicated workflows, then we'll track time for any discovery time over 10 hours at $150 per hour.

Project Execution

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*Our Custom Projects are just that - custom to your needs. We will establish a scope and pricing based on your requirements.

Our Pillars of Partnership

A few things that are important to us and our clients.

Transparent Services


You'll see exactly what we are working on and have input and approval for what we execute. Our work is visible, meaning, you'll see what's being done. You can access data and analytics like rankings, traffic, conversions, and important marketing metrics whenever you want. Our deliverables will highlight and show exactly what goes in to your campaign.

Effective Service


Our process works by clearly defining the gap of where you are and where we need to go. This Competitive Intelligence is specific to you - your market and your services. We take the guesswork out of SEO and marketing by establishing a clear path to improvement, delivering case-study worthy results across many industries and scopes.

Intelligent  Service


We craft solutions for each individual client, leveraging our assessments and Competitive Intelligence to identify actionable improvements. We prioritize strategies based on business goals and what is important to you, giving thoughtful consideration and strategy development that is cross examined by our marketing operations team for maximum effectiveness.

Sustainable Service


Our strategies and tactics evolve based on real-time feedback of results, research, and Competitive Intelligence. We utilize an "evergreen" approach that gets better with time as we monitor competitive changes and changes in platforms (like Google, Google Ads, Facebook, etc).

Consistent Service


Our consulting and meetings follow a defined cadence of Progress, Results, and Opportunities & Insights (PRO). You'll see what we've done (Progress), how that worked (Results), and what to expect next (Opportunities). You have a voice and guidance in the marketing decisions and strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service


We provide deliverables and proof of work for what we execute like changes, research, and content updates. You'll see the results grow over time with our up-to-date marketing dashboards. Regular consulting meetings will keep you up to speed on marketing initiatives.

Awards & Recognition

Recognized by clients and industry publications for providing top-notch service and results.

  • Clutch Top B2B Digital Marketing Agency
  • Clutch Top Digital Marketing Agency
  • Clutch Top SEO Agency
  • Clutch Top Company in Georgia 2021
  • Clutch Top Company in Georgia 2022
  • Vendor of the Year 2020
  • Vendor of the Year 2022
  • Expertise Best Legal Marketing Agency
  • Expertise Best SEO Agency
  • Top 10 SEO Agency
  • Top Rated SEO Agency
  • Best Rated SEO Agency

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