Marketing: The Misunderstood Middle Child of the Business World

Author: Al Moses, Digital Marketing Specialist

As a middle child, I’ve always resonated with the role of the perennial mediator—adaptable, independent, creative, and resilient. These qualities aren’t just the survival tools of someone sandwiched between siblings; they perfectly encapsulate the essence of marketing, a field often squeezed between the dynamic demands of sales and the foundational processes of product development. With 15 years as a Marketing and Creative Director, I’ve led marketing teams for tech, pharmaceuticals, franchise, retail, and Family Entertainment Centers sectors. This journey has shown me the importance of marketing and highlighted how frequently it is underestimated in business strategy. My experiences have taken me around the globe, from strategizing market entries to securing spots on platforms as visible as Good Morning America. Through it all, I’ve learned that much like the middle child; marketing plays a pivotal role that, if overlooked, can disrupt the balance and harmony necessary for a business to thrive.

Marketing Is So Cool… In The Movies

Picture this: a marketing guru struts down a glossy corridor of a skyscraper in New York. Their footsteps echo with the power of a thousand taglines. On their tail, a jittery assistant scrambles to jot down every golden word about the next big fashion campaign—something about revolutionizing socks, or was it watches? It’s hard to tell; they speak faster than an over-caffeinated auctioneer.  

You might think of marketing as a scene in “Mad Men”—designer suits, smoky rooms, and ad sketches littering chic offices. But let me pull back the curtain on the real world of marketing. It’s less about sleek hair and clouds of cigarette smoke and more about nerdy debates on algorithms and analytics. We’re the folks who prefer a well-constructed content strategy more than a whiskey on the rocks any day.

So, while our office might not fit the Hollywood ideal—there are no designer labels in sight and definitely more coffee than cocktails—we’re still pretty cool in our own quirky way. After all, in a world where creativity meets strategy, you need a touch of nerdiness to spin the mundane into magic.

Marketing vs. Sales: The Battle Within

Do business leaders truly grasp the distinction between marketing and sales? Marketing focuses on creating brand awareness and building trust, offering introductory benefits and details about a product. This helps identify and attract potential customers, effectively turning leads into qualified prospects ready for sales.

On the other hand, sales teams are about turning the interest drummed up by marketing into trackable transactions. Sales teams directly contact these prospects, provide detailed information about the product, and address their questions to clinch the deal.

Simply put, marketing draws the horse to water, while sales get the horse to drink the water.

Marketing Results May Vary

Marketing isn’t an overnight success story. It demands careful planning, research, and precise execution. I often remind clients that there’s no “viral button” in marketing—success isn’t merely a matter of having a great product.

Take an experience from a previous role where an owner’s overconfidence led to a rushed product launch. With only three days’ notice and no promotional materials, the marketing team was tasked with generating substantial buzz for a brand-new product. Predictably, the launch didn’t meet expectations, and the marketing team caught the brunt of the finger-wagging from the company’s stakeholders. 

Now that the product was live, the owner thought it was a perfect time to redesign it while keeping the preorders open. After months of revisions, the product was ready for a relaunch. With just three weeks to prepare—still a tight timeframe, but more than we had initially—the marketing team orchestrated a significantly more effective campaign. The results were outstanding, with product sales quintupling. 

Despite these gains, the owner still didn’t fully appreciate or understand the extensive efforts and the strategic value of marketing, leading to more hurried product releases. That year, the company’s profits surged by 30%, marking its most successful year. Ironically, while the sales team received extensive accolades, the marketing team, whose strategies had significantly boosted sales, remained underappreciated.

I’m not sharing this story for sympathy or highlighting my team’s ability to work under pressure. Instead, it’s to emphasize a common problem: many companies simply don’t understand the actual role of marketing. When effectively utilized and seen as equally important, marketing goes beyond merely supporting; it becomes a potent tool that can substantially boost sales teams’ performance and dramatically improve your company’s profitability.

Why Marketing is Crucial

Marketing is not just about outlaying cash; it’s about making strategic investments in the visibility and attractiveness of your brand. Today’s digital marketing tools, such as SEO, Google Ads, Instagram, and an effective website, are essential and cost-effective ways to enhance your brand’s reach. SEO targets those searching for solutions, Google Ads can boost your visibility almost instantly, and a well-designed website narrates your brand’s story, engaging visitors and converting them into customers. When used correctly, these tools bring visibility and can transform that visibility into genuine business growth.

Understanding the role of marketing goes beyond recognizing its functions—it’s about appreciating its impact on every phase of the business cycle, from product development to customer retention. Marketing informs product adjustments, gauges customer preferences, and creates narratives that resonate with your audience. It’s a continuous dialogue with your market, not a monologue.

The Many Flavors Of Digital Marketing

Like a rainbow with its array of colors, the world of digital marketing is bursting with a spectrum of strategies—each vibrant in its own way, but not every hue is perfect for everyone. Our approach is simple: research is the pot of gold that anchors our strategy. By delving deep into competitive intelligence and keyword analysis, we discover the crucial terms your business needs to shine. But here’s the kicker: not every platform or channel will suit your palette, and that’s perfectly okay.

Organic Search Marketing (SEO):

Think of search engine optimization as the evergreen in the marketing forest. It’s not about quick fixes; it’s about growing steadily and naturally. Showing up higher in search engine results isn’t about paying your way to the top; it’s about earning your spot through relevance and trust. But beware—it’s not a set-and-forget deal. Just like the stock market, the landscape is always shifting, and so should your strategies. If you’re not updating and optimizing, you’re not competing.

Paid Search Marketing:

Do you ever wonder about those top spots in search results? That’s paid search—also known as PPC or good old search engine advertising. This strategy is about being seen through strategic investments. Think of it as buying the best seat at the concert: it costs more, but the view is unbeatable.

Organic Social Media Marketing:

Not every brand needs to be a TikTok sensation. Social media marketing is about finding the right platform to voice your brand’s story—one post at a time. It’s not about being everywhere; it’s about being where it counts. We help you craft a narrative that’s not only heard but resonates deeply without resorting to a facade that could alienate your audience.

Paid Social Media Marketing:

Why pay for visibility? Because sometimes, organic reach needs a boost. Paid social isn’t just about more eyes on your brand; it’s about the right eyes. Custom-targeted ads reach the people who will love your brand the most, turning views into engagement and engagement into growth.

Sharketers In the Water

There are understandable concerns about hiring a marketing agency, especially given how quickly new ones pop up overnight. Trusting your business to what feels like a stranger for six to twelve months can raise several questions: Have I chosen the right agency? Do they understand my product? Is the cost of marketing justified? While these are all important considerations, there’s one crucial question you might be missing: Can you afford not to market?

No-Regret Marketing

At SEOTERIC, we pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency. We make sure our clients are always informed, visible, and actively engaged with the real-time status of their accounts. While there are other reputable agencies, the market is increasingly crowded with options, and unfortunately, some marketers exploit the general lack of understanding about what effective marketing entails. Having been on the hiring side, I’ve witnessed companies suffer significant losses by opting for more superficially appealing agencies rather than those honest about the time real results may take. Too often, companies get caught up in the allure of big names and flashy presentations without knowing the right questions to ask, paying dearly for their oversight.

If you’re ready to partner with a marketing agency that values trust and transparency or want to learn more about how we can support your goals, contact SEOTERIC today. Let us show you what genuinely effective marketing looks like.


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