SEO Services in Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA – A hub for entertainment, Columbus boasts several music venues, golf courses, and the Chattahoochee RiverWalk. Its low cost of living and potential for job growth make Columbus, GA a great place to live and work. Its cultural values and young population also hold a lot of promise for burgeoning businesses. Because of the Columbus area’s great potential, SEOteric has been serving its customers since 2006.

SEOteric provides full-service website optimization for businesses large and small in the Columbus area. We also work with clients in the surrounding communities of Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Augusta, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, and Savannah. Our services include branding, website design, content creation, website analytics, mobile design, social media marketing, and more. All of our services focus on a core of SEO practices. After all, search engine optimization is where we started.

Columbus GA SEO and Organic Search Marketing

Since 2006, the SEO world has changed quite a bit, and, we think, for the better. SEO used to be as easy as loading keywords into a web page and watching your page rank rise. However, Google is continually improving the intelligence of its algorithms. Penguin, Google’s newest platform, is able to tell a lot about your website’s link history and relevance. Google knows how your website uses keywords, and if it is secure, relevant, and optimized. In fact, Google now penalizes websites that overuse keywords, or use keywords that don’t make sense in the content. SEOteric optimizes your website based on Google’s strict guidelines so your site conveys high-quality content. Search engine optimization entails:

Coding for Performance – A slow website is an annoyance that deters your customers. All of the websites we code meet and exceed Google’s guidelines for performance. SEOteric makes sure your site works flawlessly, from security to fast load times.

Content Optimization – There are several factors in optimizing content. Of course, this does include using keywords, but providing good content for your readers. Your website content needs to be high-quality and relevant to your industry. Most importantly, it needs to be unique and engaging. Consumers don’t want to read boring or repetitive content, which is why SEOteric curates emotional content that speaks to your audience. We use keywords naturally throughout, so neither your readers nor Google’s bots get distracted by inappropriately-placed keywords.

Links – Link-building is still a relevant way to increase search-page ranks. As with content, however, it needs to be executed correctly in order to be successful. SEOteric sources credible and high-quality links to build your industry presence.

Conversions – SEO doesn’t just involve driving traffic. Sure, that’s an important aspect of optimization, but what good is traffic if it’s not converting? In fact, one of the biggest reasons marketing campaigns fail is because strategists neglect to consider conversion rates. SEOteric focuses not only on driving traffic, but also on engaging your customers and connecting them with your brand. When consumers find you, we make sure they want to hang out and interact with your brand.

Full-Service SEO in Columbus, GA

When we optimize your website, we want to give you a well-rounded experience with access to our full services. All of our SEO processes are built around a core of content, links, and user engagement. These three factors work together to create a cohesive campaign. For example, you can have exceptional content that speaks to your customers, but how would they find it easily without credible links or a decent social media presence?

Search engine optimization is a multi-disciplined strategy that must draw from multiple sources to be the most effective. This is why SEOteric developed our holistic process. Once your website’s content, links, and social media are optimized, you have a stronger foundation on which to build your marketing strategies and your business.

SEOteric is a leader in SEO services in Columbus, GA and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to help you both draw and retain your customers by building a full-service SEO campaign. If you’re ready to see how SEOteric can help your business grow, contact us today.