Birmingham, AL SEO Services

The largest city in Alabama, Birmingham, is the home to several prominent magazines and serves as the headquarters for banks like Regions and BBVA Compass. In fact, the city ranks as one of the South’s most important banking and business centers. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center is the state’s largest employer, making healthcare another major industry for the area. For young adults just starting out, families, and seasoned professionals, Birmingham offers a distinctly urban vibe with the laid back culture of the South.

Birmingham’s most recent population count was 212,237, but the surrounding metropolitan area has a population of over 1 million. In the last 10 years, the urban area has enjoyed a revival with the addition of many new startups and businesses and the reconstruction and beautification of the downtown area. In 2021, the city will host the World Games, an international multi-sport event that started in the early 1980s. It is the perfect time to start optimizing business SEO strategies to drive traffic and conversion rates now and into the future.

Google’s Website Rankings in Birmingham, AL

Website rankings are far more complex today than they were even a year ago. As Google’s algorithms change to target the most relevant, trustworthy, and meaningful information, businesses must also maintain their online activities. SEO today means focusing on:

  • Content – Content that directly addresses the information that users are searching for online is more likely to appear in targeted search results. Creating content that gets noticed is as much a science as it is an art. To make your Birmingham business stand out, your online content should be user-driven, unique, compelling, and address keywords topically.
  • Links – A major part of getting noticed in the local market is having local-centric information available for searchers. Links need to be local, shareable, and be both out- and in-bound to improve ranking. Google no longer rewards just any links on a website.
  • Accessibility – Many consumers consult their smartphones before making a brand choice, whether it’s for a meal out or a dental appointment. Mobile responsiveness ensures that your content is easily accessible regardless of the device your consumers are using.

Beating the Competition in Birmingham

For small and large companies, the building blocks of a successful SEO strategy remain the same. SEO is not one single strategy but a set of tactics that look slightly different for every company. At SEOteric, we have a track record of success for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for services in the city of Birmingham or in outlying cities and suburbs like Hover, Homewood, or Trussville, we start every SEO strategy from the ground up.

Technical considerations, content, links, and user-friendliness are the basis of our work. We understand the known 600 Google ranking factors and how they affect your company’s listing in search results. Local SEO services can improve your visibility in the immediate area and in outlying regions. Learn more about how our philosophy for SEO success makes SEOteric different in our SEO process outline.

Scalable SEO Solutions for Birmingham Businesses

Every company’s reach is slightly different. You may prefer to keep your company small and local or expand to outlying communities, maybe even draw in a different market. Regardless of your mission as a business, local SEO services are vital to seeing and maintaining success online. Our layered approach to SEO can be built for any sized company and begins with establishing a local reputation. By getting your company information online and encouraging user engagement (e.g. customer reviews), we build the foundation for SEO.

Then, we use local intelligence on your primary competitors to gauge what type of strategy will work best for your company. With the ability to develop content and SEO-driven website design, we can drive SEO results from every part of your online strategy. As you grow, we can grow with you, starting from a basis of reputation and quality content. With each phase, you will notice a difference in who your campaigns are reaching and increase your real world conversion rates.

Local SEO Services in Birmingham and Surrounding Areas

If you’re in Birmingham and looking to expand your reach to other towns, or you’re a business in an outlying community looking to build visibility in the Birmingham market, local SEO services from SEOteric can help. Wherever you’re located, we can help you improve your rankings and get noticed in the area. With our industry-proven best practices and integrated tracking software, we can start getting your business noticed today. Contact us to find out how SEOteric can improve your Alabama business strategy online.