Macon, GA SEO Services

Macon, GA – Lovingly called the “Heart of Georgia,” Macon is home to several universities, museums, and tourist attractions. Annual festivals like the Georgia State Fair and the International Cherry Blossom Festival bring droves of tourists in to explore the city and its local businesses. Macon is known for its diverse population and a host of small businesses. In fact, it was named as one of Forbes’ Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers. As a hub for small businesses with a relatively dense population of 232,900, Macon is a great starting place for start-ups and many other business ventures.

Macon Full-Service Marketing for Businesses of All Sizes

SEOteric serves businesses both small and large in Macon, GA. Our expertise is in building fully-optimized websites that drive and convert traffic. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups, to large, established businesses. SEO optimization is no longer a simple process. It involves several areas of expertise to make sure your website works well, looks great, and speaks to your customers.

This entails a multi-disciplined approach to both create and analyze websites. Each of our SEO strategies is individualized to our customers, but they all share the same core: content, links, and social media. Branching off from these three pillars of SEO, we cover all facets of optimization. Some of our services include:

Logos and Branding – We establish a brand for your company that has personality and attracts customers. Your brand tells consumers your company message and mission. All of this is conveyed through your brand’s logo, which is a symbol that connects your company to your customers. SEOteric focuses on creating meaningful logos that will attract attention and communicate your mission statement.

Website Design – The design of your website is paramount to grabbing and retaining customer attention. Consumers don’t want to explore a clunky website with broken links and a confusing interface. SEOteric optimizes your website for performance and aesthetics, so when your customers find you, they want to hang their hat and stay a while.

Content – Content is the bread and butter of the SEO world. Content creation is no longer as easy as stuffing as many keywords as possible into a short paragraph. Consumers want to read content that not only is relevant to your brand, but also is unique and engaging. SEOteric curates in-depth content and uses matching keywords naturally throughout. Every aspect of content is analyzed and remodeled, from format to call-to-actions to button design.

Analytics and Reporting – Optimization isn’t much help unless you’re analyzing its ability to drive and convert traffic. SEOteric provides Google Analytics and AdWords performance tools to make sure you’re getting the best out of SEO. We track keyword rankings, conversion data, and traffic across all facets of your company website. We also provide weekly reports that tell us what works and what doesn’t, so we can make the necessary adjustments.

SEO – We’ve been providing SEO and organic search-marketing services since 2006. Over the years, SEO practices change, and we’re right there with them. We know exactly what Google is looking for at any given time. Whether it’s effective link-building, correct use of keywords, or high-quality content creation, we keep SEO at the core of all of our services.

Mobile Sites – Nearly 80% of internet browsers use their smart phones to find, research, and ultimately buy from businesses. Google expects that all businesses nowadays have optimized websites, both desktop and mobile. SEOteric provides responsive design websites that are built specifically for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. But mobile optimization doesn’t stop there. We also make sure the content, format, and all other aspects of conversion work flawlessly together.

SEO Services in Warner Robins, Forsyth, Dublin, Gray, and Surrounding Areas

While this list is not all-inclusive of our services, it does reflect some of the most popular services for businesses in Macon, GA and the surrounding areas. Not all businesses need the same optimization techniques. We’ve optimized websites for businesses large and small, and we don’t only serve Macon. We help businesses outside of Macon reach customers in the greater Macon area, and we help businesses in Macon expand their reach to surrounding cities and towns. For smaller businesses, we focus on saturating the local market with industry expertise and quality content. For larger businesses, we provide a multi-faceted approach designed to start local and branch into other areas. No matter the size of your business or its market share, SEOteric has the tools and the experience to get your brand noticed, drive traffic, and convert browsers into buyers.

If you’re ready to see what SEOteric can do for your business, contact us today.