Atlanta, GA Web Design

When you need Website Design services in Atlanta, GA, you want to choose SEOteric. We are the Atlanta, GA web design company that helps clients in Decatur, Sandy Springs, Mableton, Brookhaven, and Atlanta, GA. We help clients across the country with website design and development. Get solutions for small start-up business all the way up to enterprise level developments.

SEOteric – Your Atlanta, GA Web Design Company

Unlike other website design companies in Atlanta, GA, we are a full digital media marketing agency. We help clients with branding and logos, content creation, photography, social media, video creation, and so much more. We started off as an SEO agency, and have evolved to include the services that businesses in Atlanta, GA need to get ahead. When you work with SEOteric on a website project, you get to direct the vision of what you want, and have skilled people build it for you. You save the time and headache of having to do it yourself. For larger clients with more requirements and needs, we are equipped to handle large, complicated projects. We’ve built e-commerce solutions, customized features and integrated solutions. Our team is well versed in the latest programming and design technologies, and we stay on the leading edge of that.

Our Web Design Process For Atlanta, GA Businesses

Depending on the scope of the project, we start with creating an idea and a concept that reflects your business and your goals. Then, we begin to create the brand and the look and feel of the website. We either start with an existing framework to save you money, or we can fully custom design your website to give you a truly branded design. Our design team meets with you to create your vision.Then we begin working on developing the code, content, message, and photography. Photography is really important because its what people remember about a website. Then we test, optimize, and launch. To have a website that produces results in Atlanta, GA, we have to influence and improve as many things as we can. It needs to look great, load quickly, work on mobile devices, and provide easy conversion points.

Atlanta, GA Web Design

Going further, a website isn’t a “Field of Dreams” proposition, where “if you build it, they will come”. That’s a mantra that many website solutions sell, but the reality is that getting traffic is difficult. We are experts at SEO, and when we build a website, we include the on-site SEO best practices and solutions to give you a better chance at getting noticed in Decatur, Sandy Springs, Mableton, Brookhaven, and Atlanta, GA. You get a website built by a professional that knows marketing.

We have years of experience in marketing websites, and we build it on sound SEO principles. Each website is mobile responsive, fast, secure, monitored, and managed.

Contact SEOteric if you want a website that is yours. Your brand. Your content. Your vision. Built by professionals.

Atlanta Website Design

For businesses looking for website design services in Atlanta, SEOteric has the experience and the talent to create your vision. It is tough to get exposure in the Atlanta market, and you need a partner that understands how to get your business exposure online. Atlanta based keywords cover metropolitan Atlanta and can be a radius of about 30-40 miles. You end up competing with hundreds or thousands of businesses in the area that are targeting Atlanta, so how do you compete? That is where SEOteric comes in.

When we design and build websites, we start with the marketing objectives. We want to create a strategy to get the right exposure, provide the right message, and get visitors to convert into customers. Before you begin increasing your exposure, you want to know that your website is meeting the expectations of your visitors. It should win them over with a great first impression, capture their attention with compelling featured content and messaging, provide a way to get in-depth information on your products and services, and have clear calls to action to get them to convert. If your website doesn’t meet those objectives, then it is best to implement a strategy to solve those issues before increasing your website’s exposure. We can help you identify what your customers are doing on the website and how to fix any conversion issues.

Update To Responsive Website Design

We track hundreds of thousands of website visitors each month for our clients, and we see about 40% of users (on average) coming from mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Your website usability on mobile devices can impact 40% of your website visitors in a positive or negative way. Many websites aren’t designed to work on a mobile device, and that can cause a visitor to leave without engaging with you. When we build websites, we design the to be responsive to the screen size of the user. We create a phone view (similar to an app layout), a tablet view, and a full size view. This make sure you get the information to the user no matter what device they use. Even if you are happy with your design, we can many times add responsive styles to it and get you a mobile friendly version. If you don’t have a mobile friendly or responsive website, SEOteric can design and build a solution that helps capture your mobile audience.

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