When it comes to website design, you’ve got a lot of options out there. Companies offer websites starting at around $1 a month, and other companies offer a “website as a service” ranging from $9 to $99 per month. Does it still make sense to hire a professional? It depends on your wants and needs.

For small businesses and start ups, the “get your foot in the door” options can be great if you’ve got the time and energy to learn their systems, create the content, come up with or take the photography, and do everything yourself. You will be handed a set of tools to use, and its up to you to figure out the best way to utilize them. The results you get are going to be limited by your ability and comfort in using the tools provided.

Web designer ability and talent can vary widely, from the novice to the skilled artisan. Websites can be a commodity for some – meaning they are shopped on price and availability. Others want quality and differentiation, and that is where the difference lies.

When you work with SEOteric on a website project, you get to direct the vision of what you want, and have skilled people build it for you. You save the time and headache of having to do it yourself, and we offer solutions starting in a small business and start-up budget.

For larger clients with more requirements and needs, we are equipped to handle large, complicated projects. We’ve built e-commerce solutions, customized features and integrated solutions. Our team is well versed in the latest programming and design technologies, and we stay on the leading edge of that. We want to deliver a website that you LOVE, from its design to its function. We aren’t satisfied until you love it.

Going further, a website isn’t a “Field of Dreams” proposition, where “if you build it, they will come”. That’s a mantra that many website solutions sell, but the reality is that getting traffic is difficult. We are experts at SEO, and when we build a website, we include the on-site SEO best practices and solutions to give you a better chance at getting noticed. You get a website built by a professional that knows marketing. We have years of experience in marketing websites, and we build it on sound SEO principles. Each website is mobile responsive, fast, secure, monitored, and managed.