Mobile, AL SEO Services

Mobile sits on the western edge of Alabama alongside the Gulf Coast, with easy access to both Mississippi and Louisiana. As the only seaport in Alabama, the city is uniquely positioned to support the transportation industry. Growing retail and aerospace technology sectors are also main economic drivers for the third most populous city in the state.

The culturally diverse city of Mobile is a destination city during the season of Mardi Gras and has a thriving arts and entertainment community. As a part of this thriving city on the edge of the Gulf, SEOteric is interested in helping local businesses get their companies online and visible.

Developing a Local Presence Online in Mobile, AL

Google is a driving force behind many SEO tactics. The company uses 600 known factors to rate websites based on user engagement, functionality, relevance, and quality linking. The first step for any SEO campaign is to get your company on the radar online by filling in content on the most referenced listings sources including Yelp, YP, Bing, and other websites. Filling out your business profile with consistent information and updating it regularly ensures that your audience has access to the right information whenever they search for relevant topics.

If your businesses is not already verified by Google, you can go through a phone service or a postcard mailing service to be verified, which automatically boosts your credibility on Google. From there, a few key SEO tactics can help make your site stand out:

  • Accessibility – A responsive web design streamlines the user experience between devices. Since many consumers consult one or more devices including smartphones and tablets before making a purchasing decision, having a seamless website iteration on each device is essential to developing a quality user experience.
  • Inbound links – Earning inbound links from local community members and websites improves your local online saturation and is rewarded by Google. Adding meaningless out-bound links can hurt your chances of getting good rankings on the search engine.
  • Content – Every piece of content that is posted online for your company needs to be strategic, compelling, and relevant. From your website landing page to your tweets, everything written online will be evaluated by your audience and by Google bots. Google’s ever-changing algorithms are getting better every day at discerning high-quality content.
  • Website performance – The functionality, speed, and security of your site impact the overall experience. SEOteric uses Google’s guidelines to make sure every website is optimized for rankings.

Scalable Solution for Every Sized Business in Mobile, AL

Businesses rarely benefit from a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. SEO strategies that are successful focus on the factors that make your business unique. Whether you run a hair salon in downtown Mobile, or a healthcare clinic on the outside of town, your approach should look slightly different, but the beginning phases will look largely the same.

SEOteric starts with a focus on local saturation for every SEO campaign. Once we have optimized your website, content, listings, and links for your local market, we can start to use other tactics to increase your focus on a wider region, target specific neighborhoods and cities around Mobile, or create a more compelling user experience. Let us help you develop a foundation for your business that you can use to meet any of your business goals as you grow.

Beating the Competition with Mobile SEO

SEOteric uses a specific SEO process for building successful SEO campaigns. We understand that your business’ primary goal is to convert consumers and build your reputation in the industry and target market. We use competitive intelligence about other companies in your space to ensure that our SEO tactics take every variable into consideration. Our SEO-driven work ethic extends to all of our service offerings including new website development and social media page creation.

For a more intensive approach to SEO, some of our clients prefer an intelligent marketing approach. Used by larger companies for years, this technique uses targeted content to address certain online user behaviors. For instance, a repeat visitor may see a different landing page with a more compelling call to action than new site visitors. Ask about our intelligent marketing approach for your website.

Offering SEO Services in Mobile and Surrounding Areas

We often work with outlying community businesses who are trying to reach a more urban market. If you live in the communities outside of Mobile, our services can help you gain traction with locals in the surrounding areas. Based on specific keywords and location-specific information, we can start to develop content that gets you noticed in the areas that are most relevant for your business. Contact us today to learn more.