Managing Google Adwords Accounts

Managing Adwords involves researching and selecting keywords, organizing those keywords into campaigns, creating ads for those campaigns, and creating and/or optimizing landing pages for those keywords and ads. The effectiveness of the pay per click campaign hinges on having high quality scores for keywords. Increasing quality scores reduces the amount you will pay for each click, and will increase ROI over time as cost per click goes down.

New campaigns typically start with lower quality scores, so we launch new campaigns with lower starting budgets to increase quality scores before increasing expenditures. The account history will play a role in the quality score, and we want to build a solid history and get costs per click down before increasing expenditures significantly. The balance between account history, Quality Score and Ad Rank all impact how effective the PPC campaign is and how much return is generated from the marketing investment.

Below is a quick look at the balance needed to maintain good click through rates and keep quality scores high.

google adwords

Launching An Adwords Campaign

The process for creating and launching your Adwords campaign is outlined below.

Discovery: We define your business metrics to determine cost per click amounts and the amount per conversion. These metrics will help us keep costs in line with expected revenue generated so we can maximize your ROI.

Design: We design campaigns, research keywords, and analyze ad copy and match that with landing page copy and calls to action.

Development: The campaigns, keywords, ad copy, and landing pages are set up and reviewed in Adwords. We look at searcher intent to identify potentially higher converting terms, competition and types or businesses competing for those keywords, and make sure that searcher intent matches calls to action and landing pages.

Deployment: Campaign budgets are established based on potential click through and expected conversion rates. Once budgets are established, campaigns are activated and monitored for performance.