E-Commerce Websites Come In All Sizes

Building an e-commerce store is certainly an attractive proposition for people looking to grow an existing business or build an online business. E-commerce stores are much more complex that traditional websites, and you have several options on how to get up and running. Depending on budget and needs, we probably have a solution for you.

E-commerce Kickstarter

The E-commerce Kiskstarter Package is for businesses that have very little budget (under $3000) and just a few products. This is the most manual of the packages, and will require more input. The “simplest” way to be able to sell online is to sign up with a payment gateway like Authorize.net or Paypal and create “checkout buttons” and drop those onto pages that have content about your products. These buttons will utilize the payment processing of a third party website. You’ll get an email notification of the sale, but you will have to manually do everything else. That includes managing customer data, order data, tracking data, fulfillment data, returns and exchanges, taxes and accounting, and anything else you want to keep track of. This type of set up is not meant to be scalable (allowing for significant growth) because as orders increase, the workload to manage the systems also grows. This is an inexpensive starting point, but not meant to be a long term solution.

E-commerce For Small Business

Small businesses with budgets ranging from $3000-$10000 for website design and development are usually better suited for an intermediate small business package. These packages includes actual e-commerce software that allows you to manage customer data, order data, fulfillment, tracking, and accounting. We partner with hosted e-commerce solutions to get you up and running and customize your store. We handle product data and uploads, on-site SEO for the store and the product pages, and integrate merchant accounts and security. Monthly hosting and fees for the website will range from $59 per month for small stores up to over $300 per month for large stores. Our role is to help you understand your needs and get you into a solution that fits.

Custom Designed and Built E-commerce

Our flagship e-commerce product is a custom designed and built e-commerce solution for larger businesses and budgets ($20,000 +). Not only do we provide e-commerce management software but we can automate data updates (depending on your supplier capabilities), automate tracking, automate fulfillment (with drop-ship suppliers), and automate shipping and tax calculations and handling. You get product page SEO, product data procurement and upload, faceted search and filtering (like Amazon.com) and a super fast product indexing and caching engine built on technology similar to Google for maximum performance.