Law Firm Websites Built Specifically For Marketing

In the past, a town or city might have one or two attorneys who handled all cases regardless of their field. Today, there are all kinds of attorneys for divorce law, adoption law, criminal cases, real estate, and more. Most attorneys put plenty of time and effort into creating a polished website. However, clients won’t be able to find you without the right marketing strategy, no matter how good your website looks. 

Law firms and attorneys have an ever-increasingly competitive industry, and differentiation matters. We can help you establish your band, gain market position, and convert more clients by having a strong message, clear offers and calls to action, and an easily accessible website. We also create a unique mobile experience for potential clients using smart phones and tablets so you have the best chance at converting every website visitor.

On top of all of this, we provide an in-depth analytics package to give you important information on traffic and conversions so you can see how your website is performing on a weekly basis. Its not as easy as “build it and they will come.” Law Firms and attorneys need to market their services to stay relevant and to catch their share of the business that is available, and we will show you how.

When it comes to attorneys and law firms, having visibility online is essential. According to Lexus Nexus, as many as 76% people who look for an attorney look online. Interestingly enough, over half of the people who are given a referral to an attorney from a friend will also search online. Customers will look for reviews and compare the attorneys that they find online that offer the services they need. As with many other service-based businesses, attorneys and law firms need online visibility, and they have to have the right branding and messaging to convince users that they are the right fit for their needs. Your logo, color scheme, design, layout, images, headlines, and calls to action all have an immediate impact on the impression that your website visitors receive.

Attorneys and law firms need a professional website that can help communicate their experience, professionalism, credibility, and how they interact with their customers. They also need to have complete and consistent business listings in the top business listing providers such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and many other online local business listing providers. These business listings need to be optimized and complete with images, media, in-depth descriptions, logos, business hours, and other details about your law firm or practice. This data also needs to be consistent among all of the business listing providers. Having links and local citations from local business listing providers such as these can impact your position in search engines like Google. When a potential customer searches for a service provider, or an attorney or law firm in their area, Google will look to see who the most relevant results are. Many times, the most relevant results will be the attorneys and law firms that have professional websites with relevant content, and optimized local business listings.

Outside of local business listing providers, attorneys and law firms also have the benefit of having additional directories and resources specific to the legal industry. These service providers and websites give users a place to compare attorneys and law firms in their area based on the services that they provide. Getting a complete and optimized listing in these industry specific websites can also improve your online visibility. These resources will also provide links to your company website, which can also improve your online authority and credibility.

Many of these additional directories and resources will rate an attorney or law firm based on the quality of their reviews. It is important to attract positive reviews in places like Google, Bing, Yelp and industry-specific directories and resources. These reviews will help give a sense of how you treat and interact with customers, and continue to build credibility with your potential customers. In addition to all of this, many of these resources will also provide a badge or a seal that you can use to display on your website. These third-party images and seals are often referred to as “trust marks”. These trust marks also improve your perceived credibility and professionalism by communicating to potential customers that you are active in your industry and known by third-party resources within the legal community. The more you can do to communicate trustworthiness and credibility to potential customers, the greater the chance that they will choose you as their attorney or law firm.

Social media also plays a significant role as a part of your online visibility. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and many other social media channels offer full-featured business pages for attorneys and legal firms. Having a profile on these social media accounts will help gain additional visibility and attract likes and fans. By publishing new and unique content and engaging with fans, you can create additional exposure for your brand. The social aspect of social media allows you to connect with your customers and potential customers who may not have utilized your services yet. Many times, happy customers will be more likely to share a referral via Facebook or social media if they are connected with your social media pages. The more connected socially you are with your customer base, the better referral sources your customers become. In order to get referrals from your customer base, they have to feel connected with you and your company. Depending on the type of law or legal practice you have, you may have to exercise more discretion when it comes to social media. Many firms that provide services that require more discretion often will take an educators role on their social media channels. They will use social media to provide helpful tips and educate their customer base on legal matters. This interaction of being an educator will also increase fans and likes. If you provide tips that your social media users find helpful, they will feel more comfortable referring you to people with similar issues.

Single Attorney Websites

For single attorneys who go into practice for themselves, you need name recognition and branding just like larger firms do. We help attorneys with logo development, business cards and business identity (letterhead, envelopes, etc), website design and development, and marketing. Your photography and content is important to help set you apart in your field, so having a full featured bio section that tells your story can go a long way. Potential clients want to see your credentials and successes before they hire you for their needs.
Depending on the clientele, you may be positioning yourself as a price leader or as someone who gets results. Your message will attract the type of client you want, and that is critical. If your goal is attracting customers on price, then you have to know your market and your competitors and position yourself as the best value. If you are trying to win more affluent clients, then your message will be much different, and so will your branding. It is important to create your differentiation early on, and create a brand and website around that message.

All of our single attorney websites will include a vibrant home page that outlines the services offered, high resolution photography that helps win the first impression, and a message built to connect with the type of customers you wish to attract. You also get contact forms and a database of all submitted forms. All submissions can be exported in Excel form, or you can even map the lead forms to an existing CRM for easy management. We also provide easy social media sharing utilities, and links to your branded social media channels. In addition, you also get SEO optimized pages for your services, and a website that is built for speed and performance. Every website is engineered to be mobile responsive too, which creates a unique “app-like” experience when viewed on a phone or tablet device.

You will also have full control over the content. We provide support on how to use your WordPress website via training and videos that show how you use your specific website. We show how to manage content, news items, testimonials, images and videos, navigation, and links.

Law Firm Websites

For larger firms with multiple attorneys and service areas, you get all of the above, and more. We help craft individual bio pages for each attorney, and map those attorneys to their practice areas. For instance, if one of the attorneys in your law firm provides bankruptcy services, their bio picture and a snippet of their bio can be attached to that practice area page. We can also provide lead routing direct to specific attorneys based on what services they choose in the lead forms. All of these additions help personalize the website and make lead generation and management easier.

With law firm websites, we can go a step further and provide access for each attorney to be able to manage their own content and make updates and changes to content specific to them. Each attorney can also be a part of creating new content for news and updates which will keep the website flowing with new and unique content.

Secure Forms and Document Exchange For Attorneys and Law Firms

One of the utilities that attorneys and law firms need is secure communication. We can provide a secure document portal to upload and store secure documents for clients. Each client can have a unique and secure login to access their specific documents. You can also have secure online forms where clients can fill in a form, sign it electronically, and deliver it via encrypted and password protected email. There are lots of needs that require security and discretion when it comes to attorney and law firm websites, and we have solutions built to help with those challenges.

If you are an attorney or a law firm looking to improve on your website and internet marketing, choose SEOteric. We have a proven system of helping business and law firms attract more customers. Not only do we work to increase your exposure, but we partner with you to increase conversions that produce real leads. Your goal is not simply more website traffic. Your goal is to grow your business, grow your revenue, and increase profitability. We understand the business side of marketing, so your success is our success.