Athens, GA SEO Services

When you need SEO Services in Athens, GA, you want to choose SEOteric. We are the Athens, GA SEO company that helps clients in Watkinsville, Bethlehem, Winder, Jefferson, Commerce, and Athens, GA. We help clients across the country with local SEO, and we have clients rankings for keywords in all 50 states and in many local results.

SEOteric – Your Athens, GA SEO Company

Unlike other SEO companies in Athens, GA, we are a full digital media marketing agency. We help clients with branding, content creation, local business listings, social media, video creation, and so much more. We started off as an SEO agency, and have evolved to include the services that businesses in Athens, GA need to get ahead. We understand how Google operates, and we don’t take shortcuts or use tricks to get you ranked. We only use proven methods that actually increase your relevance and credibility with search engines, so our work will last. We want to be your SEO and digital media partner.

Our SEO Process For Athens, GA Businesses

When we work with clients on local SEO projects, we take an all encompassing approach that influences things like technical SEO, content, links, social influence, and website authority. To be successful at SEO in Athens, GA, we have to influence as many things as we can. Take a look at the chart below.Athens, GA SEO

The more factors we can influence, the better results we can get. There are over 600 known ranking factors that are found within these categories above. You can see more on our SEO process by visiting our SEO Process page.

Jack Welch is quoted as saying ‘If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.’ When it comes to digital media, you need to stay engaged to know how it affects your business. SEO and digital media is a fast-paced, changing environment. With SEOteric, we help make sure you don’t fall behind.

SEO Services in Athens, GA

Athens, GA – Athens was named by Forbes as #36 on the Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers. Its initial and continued growth is partly due to the University of Georgia, which brings in students of all ages. The diversity of its students has created an interesting culture of art, music, and intellectual pursuits. Athens is a creative place that fosters great business potential. With a cozy population of just under 200,000, Athens is a great place for start-ups and local small businesses. That’s why SEOteric has been working to optimize the websites of local clients, getting their business on the radar.

How Google Ranks Websites in Athens, GA

Start-ups and small businesses need to rely on a high-quality website and SEO strategies to both drive and convert traffic. Without a website that gets your brand noticed and informs your customers, you risk getting lost in the shuffle. SEOteric takes a multi-faceted approach to optimizing our client’s websites, covering the spectrum from search rankings, to content, to back links. Search engine optimization used to be simple; strategists only had to worry about creating content and bolstering it with matching keywords. But nowadays, it’s not nearly as easy as it seems. Google is always reinventing their algorithms. Websites are now rated based on a number of factors, including:

Performance: How fast your website loads, how well everything works, and how secure the site is are all factors Google uses to rank your website’s performance. SEOteric optimizes your business page to fit within Google’s strict guidelines.

Content: Content optimization doesn’t just mean using keywords. Google is able to tell when your content is relevant and engaging. Content that is overstuffed with keywords, or over-optimized, will be penalized by Google. SEOteric makes sure your content is up to par, meaning that it’s unique, relevant to your brand, and uses keywords naturally throughout the body.

Links: Links have always been a great way to drive traffic to your website. But “link farms” have become an issue for Google rankings. Broken links, irrelevant links, and generally low-quality links are no longer tolerated by Google bots. SEOteric builds back links for your website that are optimized for your customers and for Google.

Mobile Responsiveness: Mobile websites have now become the way that consumers find, research, and purchase goods and services from businesses. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use, you could be losing out on a huge percentage of customers. SEOteric optimizes both your desktop and mobile sites to drive traffic and get your brand noticed.

Athens Local SEO for Small Businesses

SEOteric doesn’t just work for small businesses. We have proven our industry expertise with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to the well-established. We provide services to Athens and the surrounding areas like Atlanta, Macon, Marietta, Savannah, Columbus, Alpharetta, Gainesville, and Augusta. We’ve been working with businesses in these areas, and we know how to build websites that grab and retain attention.

In small business markets, like that of Athens, the key to getting noticed is saturation. Geographic targeting in small markets is achieved by creating compelling content, maintaining a great website, and obtaining local influence. To do this, SEOteric uses local keywords and a catalogue of reputable links from other local businesses and directories. We base our strategies on principals of quality content, credible links, and conversions, meaning that optimization for your website covers both ends of the spectrum, as well as everything in between.

SEO on a Grand Scale

For larger markets or more popular businesses, SEOteric takes a layered and multi-disciplined approach. It starts much the same as small business SEO, but ripples outward to draw a larger audience. Beginning with establishing a local reputation, SEOteric strategically builds an arsenal of back links to give businesses a step up over the larger competition. We analyze competitors to find out what makes them successful, be it exceptional content, lots of links, great resources, or a combination of these. We then plan a similar strategy for your business. A big marketplace necessitates SEO strategies on a grand scale, and SEOteric is always ready to bring out the big guns.

Whether your business is big or small, search engine optimization always starts with a core of high-quality content. That’s where SEOteric starts. Once your content is optimized for engagement, relevancy, and keywords, it’s much easier to move on to the next phase of optimization.

If you would like to hear more about how SEOteric has helped businesses in Athens, GA and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Athens SEO Can Be Surprisingly Competitive.

When it comes to SEO – there is a lot of ground to cover. We cover the technical aspects, content, links, and user aspects of SEO to make sure we put our clients in the best position to rank. Google looks at over 600 known ranking factors ranging from website speed and security to links and bounce rates. With so many factors influencing rankings, its important to work with an agency that understands SEO from all sides. Some SEO companies approach SEO just from content or link perspectives and ignore other areas. As Google and SEO evolve, it becomes increasingly important to cover all the SEO bases.

With every website we build, we keep marketing and SEO in mind. Unlike many website design companies, we build each website with on-site SEO best practices and optimize the website for your target audience. We also employ conversion rate best practices to help more visitors turn into leads, and integrate tracking software to give you valuable information about your website’s exposure and its visitors.

With our Athens SEO services, we help you create content that will convert, and build your authority and credibility with Google and other search engines so your content can rank better naturally. Be sure to read up on our SEO process. Our philosophy and processes for managing SEO are what make us different from a lot of other SEO companies.

SEO Services In Oconee and Watkinsville, Jefferson, Winder, and Surrounding Areas

Businesses located in the adjacent cities to Athens often inquire about targeting the Athens market. Some Athens Businesses look to expand their reach into the surrounding cities. Either way, SEOteric has helped local businesses get ranked for thousands of keywords along the 316 corridor and in the surrounding cities and counties. We build local signals and content to help place your business in front of the customers in the areas you need. Let us show you the SEOteric difference.