The SEOTERIC Way is our way of doing business. It is our compass that gives us direction and ensures we are on the right path to success, regardless of how our processes change.

Our internal vision is to create an organization of focused, talented, and culture-conscious individuals that are striving for personal growth while driving our organization forward.

Our external vision is to become an organization that is a leader in our industry – setting the example of service, technology, responsiveness, and results. We want to be the benchmark for success.

In order to accomplish these goals for our company and our team, we must be working towards the same goals and mission while carving out our own roles and contributions. The net result of a dynamic team working together is much more impactful that simply the sum of its parts.

Our Core Value Principles

Provide interactions that IMPRESS.
With every interaction with a client or prospect, we seek to leave a positive impression. The idea of being impressed is to find a surprising amount of favor in something, or positive/unexpected results. Leaving a positive impression is centered around providing the right services and solutions, and we want our clients to be glad that it is US that is providing the service. Our interactions always strive to IMPRESS.

Embrace and Be Comfortable With Change.
As a technology company, our team expects and is comfortable with change, and we welcome it. As technology changes, so will do our processes, interactions, sales tactics, training, reporting, and lingo. As we grow, processes and strategies will continually be refined as we together learn how to get better. These changes are communicated to our team and our customers as they happen, and we are continuously improving.

Be Creative and Take Initiative.
Our company was founded on “esoteric” principals – intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Our industry is very esoteric, and that opens the door for exploration and problem solving. We are often looking for solutions to difficult problems within marketing, branding, technical issues, or improving lackluster performance. Our team is educated and empowered to think through these problems, research solutions and pitfalls, and create solutions. We are proactive in our approach to helping customers and creating new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Pursue Personal and Professional Improvement.
The ability to take initiative and be proactive comes from confidence in our ability and depth of knowledge. We challenge and encourage our team to continue building their confidence and abilities through opportunities presented through SEOteric training channels and through self-initiated learning. The more confident our team becomes, the better we service our customers, and the more FUN we have while doing something we love, and that we are good at.

Show How Much We Care By Our Response Times.
When a customer calls or emails, how quickly we respond has a direct effect on the impression we make. A quick response shows care and attention. A slow response is perceived as low priority. Our team will always look to prioritize and track our response times and make our customers feel important, prioritized, and valued.

Value Honesty, Trust, Integrity, and Transparency As Our Foundations.
These principals are as much outward facing towards customers as they are internal with our team. Externally, this means being realistic about deadlines and processes, setting realistic expectations, and reporting the truth in all circumstances. Internally, this is being open and honest about challenges and dealing with issues before they encroach on our ability to work together as an effective team.

Honesty is a surprising challenge in business. There is a difference in truthful optimism and deceptive spinning, and it is our internal conviction that we always provide truthful optimism and avoid deceptive spinning. This goes for the sales process to communications to reporting.

Trust is earned by doing what is asked within the time-frame allotted, and setting a precedent of honesty. Customer retention is rooted in trust, and when trust is lost, so are customers. We focus on building long-lasting relationships built on trust.

Integrity is doing what we say, and meaning what we say. It is delivering upon promises made, and standing by our work and decisions. It is not cutting corners when we shouldn’t. The integrity of our entire organization is only as strong as the integrity of the individuals that make up our team, and each person strives for integrity.

Transparency is not being afraid to show the inner workings of processes and results, and that goes hand in hand with honesty. Honesty is delivering the truth when requested. Transparency is volunteering the truth when it is not requested. When our company is based on honesty, trust, and integrity, being transparent is easy. It is only when there is something to hide that transparency becomes a challenge. Each person that works with and for SEOteric expects transparency in communications and processes. We publish our processes publicly online, and report on those processes.

Always strive for efficiency.
Some call this “doing more with less” – but that isn’t quite the message here. Efficiency is about maximizing output and performance with the resources you have, and always having a focus to improve the systems in place to get more out of what we put in. To be clear, our company will always provide the resources needed to do our jobs to the best of our ability, and provide a means to improve upon those systems when weaknesses or inefficiencies are found. The more efficient we are as a company, the better results we get for our clients.

Be Passionate about what you do.
No matter the position, every role within our organization is a vital piece to SEOteric’s mission. People are drawn to other people that are passionate about what they do. Passion overcomes a multitude of obstacles we may encounter. If we are determined to keep our passion, then we will always be looking for ways to build each other up as we work together. Our customers notice, our team notices, and our environment is exciting and fulfilling.

Influence And Expect A Culture of Respect.
Respect is derived from understanding – understanding our customer’s needs and expectations, understanding pain points and unwritten rules, understanding how to be sensitive to other’s needs and emotions, and seeking to understand before making assumptions. Respect is valuing other people input, suggestions, and opinions. This is both an internal and external obligation.

Make A Difference.
Anyone can learn to do a job or facilitate a task. Our unique challenge is to make a difference by what we do. How we do a task or project is important, but equally important is how well that project is communicated and how the project is interpreted by those it affects. When we do a task to make a difference, the results are clearer, and the people involved will be glad it was US that took care of them. Each individual is a difference maker.