Video Production Services in Athens, GA

The beautiful thing about video is that is tells a consistent story every time, and when used properly it can help connect us with an audience, introduce us to new prospects, and guide us through a process. Businesses are leaning more and more about the importance of incorporating video into their branding and the impact it has on their businesses.

For instance, many businesses see a 60-80% increase in engagement and conversions on landing pages that utilize video versus pages that don’t. Over 90% of users claim that video helps them make decisions about products or services.

Video Marketing Solutions

We provide awesome video solutions for large scale projects (multiple cameras and operators) to single camera or drone shoots. We also create video footage for website banners and hero scenes to create a dramatic effect that captivates your audience. Take a tour of some of the types of videos we’ve created.

Example Videos

Click a screenshot below to preview the video.

Company Anniversary Video

Athens Orthopedic Clinic 50th Anniversary
Video Production Screenshot 1

Company About Us Video

UGA Greek Life
Video Production Screenshott 2

Conference Introduction Video

Brian Snitker Introduction
Video Production 2


Yellawood “Backyard Better”
Video Production 3

Fundraising Campaign Video

JamQuest One Billion Kids
Video Production 4

Stop Motion Video

Toys ‘R’ Us – Toys Unboxing Toys Web Series
Video Production 5

Product Promotion Video

Deadbolt – Behind the Scenes with David Hale
Video Production 6

Sketch/Whiteboard Video

Yellawood “Backyard Better” Sketches
Video Production 7