Business Video Production

Business videos are a great way to package and deliver your message to your potential customers. Video has the ability to create an experience unlike any other type of medium. You can create excitement, intrigue, and emotion with video that you just can’t get with other forms of media.

When developing video, you want to consider the audience, the message (or script), the visuals, and the production quality. All of these elements can work together to deliver the message you want to your audience. Video really works when all of these elements come together to produce an experience for your audience that triggers some action.

The Video Production Process

The video production process can be broken into 3 main components: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production is the strategy and concept creation process. This process looks at the overall direction of what the video will accomplish. Pre-production is where important decisions are made regarding the script, use of talent, lighting, location, equipment, camera operators, shot lists, and overall theme and feel of the video. This process is the most important part because pre-production frames everything else that happens – from where and how to shoot the video content and how that footage is edited and cut into the final product.

SEOteric brings talented video professionals as well as seasoned marketing professionals to help you define what type of video you need to get your message across, and we develop the plan, the script, and can help coach or acquire the talent needed to make the video feel the way it is intended to feel to the end user.

Production is the process of capturing the shots and video needed to meet the requirements established in pre-production. This includes camera work, graphics, music, lighting effects, narration, sound, and visual effects needed for the video. The quality of the production material will directly affect the overall quality of the video. Things like camera quality, microphone quality, and experience of camera operators can have a huge impact on what you see and hear in your finished video. Our video producers and camera operators have experience in everything from small business introductory videos to television documentaries, and have even worked on feature films and promos for professional sports teams.

Post-production is the process of organizing and editing video into its final form – the finished video. This process involves integrating graphics, voice overs, narration, transitions, effects, and other media assets to create the experience we set out for in pre-production. Much like how the experience of the camera operators can determine the quality of the final video, having talented post-production editors can have a big impact on overall video feel and quality. Our team has thousands of hours of editing experience including ultra high definition 4K video and video made for television or movies.

With SEOteric, you get a professional, experienced team working on everything from pre-production, production, and post-production to get the best possible quality within your budget. We provide our customers a range of video services, including still company videos, photography videos (or short promo videos), animated character videos, and live production videos. Each type has its pros and cons, and its price point.

Company Anniversary Video

Athens Orthopedic Clinic 50th Anniversary
Video Production Screenshot 1

Company About Us Video

UGA Greek Life
Video Production Screenshott 2

Conference Introduction Video

Brian Snitker Introduction
Video Production 2


Yellawood “Backyard Better”
Video Production 3

Fundraising Campaign Video

JamQuest One Billion Kids
Video Production 4

Stop Motion Video

Toys ‘R’ Us – Toys Unboxing Toys Web Series
Video Production 5

Product Promotion Video

Deadbolt – Behind the Scenes with David Hale
Video Production 6

Sketch/Whiteboard Video

Yellawood “Backyard Better” Sketches
Video Production 7