Top 5 Reasons Social Media Is NOT A Fad

Social Media is the culmination of the mediums people use to stay connected on the internet. It is the combination of personal, professional, and entertainment networks that we create as we navigate the internet. There is increasingly strong evidence that social media isn’t just a fad – it is the new way of sharing information.

With the creation of Myspace and Facebook, we saw a massive push towards creating personal internet space (hence Myspace). People could connect, share, communicate, and express themselves without having to be a website developer. Myspace’s popularity has dwindled while Facebook has taken social media to a new level. There are over 500,000,000 Facebook users – and most are active on the site multiple times a day for increasing amounts of time. And now, with Youtube in the picture, social media has become a great way to earn money. To which my answer always is, hire a reputed Youtube marketing company. I also take the assistance of a company to spread my videos across the internet and it most definitely works in a very positive manner.

Other social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn have also enjoyed massive amounts of users. The interesting thing about social media is that it is not something that is going away anytime soon, but it will continue to evolve. On the contrary, websites like LinkedIn are seeing a boost in businesses. Many businesses have deployed a LinkedIn bot, which answers the queries of customers. Likewise, many new services will come out to connect people and share information, but the idea that social media is not sustainable or isn’t here to stay just isn’t holding water.

There have been a few pioneers in the corporate world who have invested in social media because they understood the impact it would have. Pepsi traded their Superbowl commercials for a social media campaign. Ford has been launching new cars and revealing new designs to their fans and followers on social media networks. More and more companies are realizing the power of building brand and loyalty through social media.

After managing social media accounts for a while, we came up with the top 5 reasons social media is NOT a fad but is something that is here to stay.

1) Social Media channels have become integrated into our daily lives – email, news and events, and applications are all funneled through social media.

2) Social Media allows a fast, friendly, and free way to connect with friends and share info such as images, videos, news and more.

3) Social Media continues to grow in users and volume. New users come on board every day, and the amount of time spent on social media is still increasing.

4) Businesses and individuals see the value of social media. Businesses can create loyalty, branding, and expand customer bases while individuals can connect with friends and businesses and share information.

5) (and possibly most compelling) There is a strong indication that social media will begin influencing search results in search engines such as Google and Bing (which also powers Yahoo! search). You can already see Twitter info and news in search results, but we expect the search engines to adapt and show results based on relevance AND what is trending in social media. This will be a huge shift in how people search for things, and could mark the maturity of a very young (but rapidly growing) way of using the internet.

Take a look at this video that shows the power of social media. Prepare to be amazed.

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