Logos and Branding

Every company needs branding, and every website needs a logo. We specialize at helping companies create a logo that works for them and accentuates their company’s message. Logos are the fundamental building blocks of your brand, and getting that right can make other areas of branding easier and more consistent. When we design a logo or re-brand a company, we start with the mission of the organization and who they are targeting. That gives us an idea of symbolism, meaning, colors, and perception. Your logo and service mark need to have meaning that connects, and SEOteric knows how to connect.

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Website Design

Studies have shown that 94% of a first impression is design related, and that impression is made within seconds of visiting a website. First impressions determine how likely someone is to stay on your website, and having the wrong design or not meeting expectations for your industry can lead to an uphill battle for getting business from website visitors. When you work with us, we take the time to understand your industry and your potential customers. This allows us together to create a website that wins the first impression battle, and helps your potential customers get further into your conversion funnels. Start winning more customers with a great website.

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Content Creation

Content creation comes in a few different forms. Some businesses need highly technical content to give the right information to your potential customers. Getting that content can be difficult, so we help our clients research items and provide as much in-depth information as we can. Other businesses need more compelling content to help differentiate their business from their competitors. We work with our clients to create their most compelling value proposition and work that into their website in a way that creates attention. Other content is created to establish additional marketing exposure in the search engines. Whatever your needs, our content developers can get you published.
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Conversion Rate Optimization

We offer several levels of conversion rate optimization. Our level one package is included in all of our website design packages, and employs conversion best-practices with the website. This includes proper use of spacing, calls to action, value proposition creation, featured content optimization, form length and placement, button design, layout, and navigation. The level two package is a more in-depthh solution where we analyze traffic, click through, and user behavior to increase conversions. This often involves testing multiple versions of a page to understand how users interact, and implementing successful changes.

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Website Analytics and Reporting

We install Google Analytics on all of our websites and give access to weekly reporting of traffic, keywords used to find your business, user engagement, and landing pages. Our marketing clients also get access to reports for keyword rankings, Google Adwords performance, and conversion data. This data allows us to know what pages are effective or ineffective so we can make adjustments as needed.

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Mobile Websites & Responsive Design

Our custom designed websites come with responsive-design. That means you have a specific website theme built for phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Each web design essentially has 5 built in themes – the phone vertical view, phone horizontal view, tablet vertical view, tablet horizontal view, and full width view. This make sure the website is optimized for each type of user, whether they are on a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

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SEO and Organic Search Marketing

Our SEO services is where we built our name. We’ve been optimizing websites for organic search since 2006. A lot has changed since then, so our team invest lots of time into understanding Google and other search engines direction and guidelines. We don’t employ tricks or shortcuts – but we build branding and relevance. When you understand what makes a website relevant to a search engine and to a user, you can create websites that do a great job of meeting the expectations of both. Want to know more? See our SEO process.

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Adwords and PPC Marketing

Our main focus is SEO and organic search traffic, but we also have a great portfolio of Adwords accounts and PPC marketing campaigns. Adwords and PPC marketing isn’t a “set it and forget it” strategy, but rather a strategic strategy geared to analyzing keywords, ad content, landing page relevance, conversions, and click through history. We have developed a strategy to increase our customers quality scores and improve cost per click values and overall performance.
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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not well understood by many business owners. Social media plays an important role in branding and engagement. For some businesses, social is about getting new customers. For others, it is about brand awareness and building community and trust. Depending on your business, one approach may be more beneficial than another. SEOteric can help you understand your audience, create a social strategy to meet your audience’s expectations, and measure it’s effectiveness.

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E-commerce Solutions

SEOteric has been developing E-commerce since the days of OsCommerce. We’ve built e-commerce websites on Magento, Interspire Shopping Cart, Big Commerce, CS Cart, Drupal, WordPress, Spree, and just about everything out there. For smaller clients, we usually recommend a hosted shopping cart solution such as Big Commerce. For larger custom developments and larger businesses, we use our custom built e-commerce platform. Our platform allows us to customize the shopping cart and fulfillment to your operations exactly as you need. It automates data delivery, processing, fulfillment, and more depending on your needs.

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Website Hosting

SEOteric has in-house hosting for our website developments. We have built a solution from the ground up specifically engineered for WordPress and our e-commerce packages. Performance and security are the foundations of our hosting infrastructure, and each site and database is backed up each night to our cloud servers and a local server for ultimate duplication and data security.

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