Mobile Apps For Businesses – Loaded With Features

We offer one of the most robust solutions for mobile apps that are tailored to local businesses and larger enterprises.

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

We offer a semi-custom mobile app solution for our start up and small business clients. This solution is awesome to get started with your application in a beautiful interface utilizing some great pre-packaged features. These features include push notifications, geo-fencing, photo sharing, reservations, website and blog integrations, podcasts, video, and so much more. Browse the list of features below to get a feel for the type of mobile app you can get for your small business.

Custom Mobile Applications

For larger clients or clients with unique and custom needs, we offer a build-it-from-scratch approach. If you have an idea for a custom app that will do something new and creative, we can help bring that vision to life. The process follows the following schedule:

  • Requirements and Features Discovery
  • Wireframe of Layouts and Tabs
  • Design of Elements and Tabs
  • Proof of Concept and Functionality Development
  • Testing and Refining Functions and Features
  • Implementation of Design Elements
  • Private Alpha Testing on iOS and Android Devices
  • Private Beta Testing on iOS and Android Devices
  • Refinements and Feedback Implementation
  • Soft Beta Launch and Testing
  • Refinements and Optimizations
  • Launch on iTunes and Google Play Stores.