Google Analytics Integration

We provide our clients with Google Analytics integration for their websites. This allows us to track visitors, pages, engagement, and other important statistics about your website users. You can drill down to visitor flow and even where your visitors are located. We can tell what percentage of users are on mobile devices and how they engage with the website. All of this data helps us make better decisions on how to optimize websites for better conversions and SEO.


The above report shows visitor flow through the website. These reports help us understand the path visitors most likely take. We can use this to discover weak pages with high drop off, or good conduit pages that flow visitor to the right pace.

SEO Reports

For our SEO clients, we provide a weekly report that shows keyword data, average ranking for keywords, landing pages, bounce rates, conversions, pages per visit, time on site, and many more useful metrics about your organic visitors. This helps us segment organic visitor data from other mediums such as direct traffic, referral traffic, or paid traffic. The organic SEO report shows us how we are doing getting traffic organically from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. Organic traffic is often the biggest percentage of traffic, and these reports also help us provide better content and further optimize pages based on how visitors engage from organic search results.

Sample SEO Report

The report above is a two year snapshot of organic traffic improvements. The month from 10/5/2011 to 11/5/2011, the website was generating about 93,000 visits per month. We grew that to 131,000 visits by 11/5/2012 and up to 149,000 visits for the period in 2013 (9/5/2013 – 10/5/2013). The growth from the 2011/2012 period to the 2012/2013 period was 37%, but looking at the first month to the last month, traffic grew by 47%. Page views are up 40%, and traffic is continuing to grow.

Weekly reports have between 8-20 pages depending on the number of keywords and the size of the campaigns, but each page has a high level view and a drill down view for easily digesting the high points. This is a summary view above, giving the top level metrics in a quick view.

Google Webmaster Tools

We integrate data from Google Webmaster Tools into our SEO reports. GWT provides data on crawl rates, indexation (how many pages we have indexed in Google), and search query data. The search query data gives us an idea of how we are doing in organic search by showing us impressions and click data for keywords we rank for. Combine this with Analytics and SEO data, and we have a really clear picture of how the website is performing.


The chart above shows search queries data on impressions and clicks. You can see the 178% increase in impressions and a 150% increase in clicks.

Understanding All The Data

For most people, analytics can be daunting because of all the data available. We try to help simply the data for our clients by putting together reports on the most important data, and training them on how to interpret the data. Our reports were built to make them easy to understand and to easily compare them with the previous month’s data. Our staff is here to help with any questions you have about website statistics, and we want you to feel comfortable with the reports you receive.