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Dothan, Alabama, sits just north of the Florida state line, and it is considered a hub for transportation and commerce in the region. The city calls itself “The Peanut Capital of the World,” since a significant portion of the United States’ peanut crops are harvested nearby and then processed in the city, which drives much of the economy there. The atmosphere of Dothan combines an urban city environment with a small-town southern flair.

Its strategic location at the center of several interstate thoroughfares has helped Dothan diversify and expand its economy. You’ll find a mixture of small businesses along with some larger employers including companies like Coca-Cola, Sony, GE, Michelin, and more. SEOteric is ready to help businesses of all sizes in and around Dothan with SEO strategies designed to drive traffic and improve conversion rates.

Getting Noticed Online as a Business in Dothan, AL

Every business needs to be focused on developing and maintaining a strong website and SEO strategy to make the most out of its online presence. Businesses who invest in a website but aren’t visible in search results may not get noticed online, making the costs of a website investment difficult to recoup. SEO strategies are designed to captivate the attention of the people who are most interested in your products or services.

Google rewards companies who have an online presence that:

  • Performs well – Website speed, functionality, design, and security all play a part in Google’s algorithms. Sites that are more attuned to the user experience will gain more attention, and a strategic web design can highlight your business’ personality over the competition.
  • Has great content – Content is the driving force behind all SEO strategy. Today, developing content is more complex than ever. Google has measures in place that can gauge a site’s relevance and content quality.
  • Is accessible – More consumers than ever are using smartphones, tablets, and other devices to access the internet and do their own research on goods and services. If your company does not have a website that translates well on mobile devices, then you’ve missed an opportunity to impact consumers.
  • Has quality links – Links have always been used successfully in SEO campaigns, but the way they’re used has changed over time. Over-linking to outbound content is not rewarded by search engines any longer. Instead, quality inbound and outbound links from local companies and reputable sources are being used and rewarded.

Making SEO Work for Your Dothan Business Goals

SEOteric has experience working with companies who are targeting a niche, local market as well as companies that are looking to expand their focus to include a wider scope. We also help surrounding area businesses focus on certain urban markets that may be relevant for their business.

For both small and large businesses with a wide range of goals, we begin by laying a supportive foundation. With high-quality content and local market saturation, we can start to build layers onto an existing SEO strategy to target the markets in which you need to create and maintain a relevant presence. The layers build and slowly improve your entire strategy, thereby gaining you more customers. By looking at competitor sites and techniques, we can build a customized approach to get your brand noticed wherever you’re doing business.

For companies looking for the ultimate user experience, ask us about our intelligent marketing services. Create a custom experience for each user who visits your site with these scalable marketing solutions that are responsive to user activity. Craft individual experiences and messages for repeat visitors and customers for an advanced approach to improving conversion rates.

Until recently, these strategies were only used by big companies. With our targeted SEO strategy, any small company can get the same results as larger businesses.

SEO Services for Dothan, Midland City, Taylor, Cowarts, Kinsey, and Surrounding Areas

SEOteric covers technical online aspects of SEO as well as building local citations, content, links, and numerous other SEO tactics that are part of the current industry best practices. We don’t use secret methods; rather, we use a transparent process that has proven successful over and over again with companies of all sizes. Whether we help you build a new website or start a targeted campaign, everything we do is backed by an SEO-driven approach.

See how your current campaign is performing with our integrated tracking software, and start improving your credibility online with our customized services today. Contact us to learn more about how our SEO strategy can make a difference for your company.


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