COVID-19 Response Update

We’re Going Remote

As of today (Monday, March 16th), SEOteric will be working remotely, and our office location will be closed. Fortunately, we have a lot of the technology in place to make this a fairly seamless transition.

We will still be providing support via Active Collab (for those of you that have open projects and campaigns), email ( and phone (800-314-4736). Any meetings that have been set up as in-person will be moved to virtual meetings. We’ve been using UberConference for virtual meetings for our clients that can’t meet in person for a while now. If you have meetings scheduled, you’ll likely be utilizing phone conferences or UberConference. We will be emailing you individually with those updates.

Below are a few updates on the services we are providing to many of you.

Hosting and Site Maintenance

We are completing a major datacenter migration, and we have been in contact with many of you about that change. We don’t expect any interruptions in service with our hosting or site maintenance services. The migration will allow us to utilize regularly updated security certificates, improved performance and caching, and better monitoring and scalability. This is still ongoing, and we anticipate most of the affected sites being moved and completed this week.

Website Development

Our web projects are still going to be able to progress during our move to remote work. We’ve had several clients ask about how COVID-19 affects ongoing projects, and we anticipate that we will not have any issues with our development team. We already utilize utilities like Slack, Trello, Active Collab and internal project management, so the move to remote work won’t affect our ability to work on website projects. We have had a heavier queue the last few days getting to requested updates, but we are managing that and are making headway.


Our marketing operations team is also going to still be engaged, and will be able to execute ongoing marketing strategies. As you can image, we have been receiving a lot of request for website updates and communication about COVID-19, and we have been working tirelessly to execute all of those requests. We will continue to work with our marketing clients to get all of the updates implemented, and leverage SEO, Google My Business Post, email, social media, and page updates to get your messages out and delivered.

Final Thoughts and Preparations

Clint and I founded SEOteric in January 2009. We started building the company in 2008, and fought to grow through a period of economic uncertainty during the Great Recession. We are entering a period of uncertainty again with the impacts we are seeing from the Coronavirus. During times like this, the people that think strategically will find themselves increasing market share, while others may find themselves losing market share. We are committed to doing everything we can to help our clients and our company weather the storm and think strategically though the uncertain times ahead. That may be finding new ways to deliver products or services, or finding new ways to reach customers.

I know you’ve probably received a “Coronavirus Update” from everyone that has your email address. That’s because you matter. Our customer keep us going, and we want to do everything we can to help keep you going.

If you need help with communication, updating your website, sending an email – let us know. We want to be here to help.


Matt Brooks
Co-Founder and Marketing Director at SEOteric

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