We Create A Process For Your Visitors

When we work with clients to increase conversions, you need to know how website visitors are using your website. Google analytics has some great insight into user behavior. You can see how users flow through the website, what the landing pages are based on keyword search, and what the bounce rate, time on site, and conversion data is. Armed with what your users are doing now, you can begin to understand how your website is funneling them through the process. We help you create stronger messaging, better value propositions, clearer content, and better calls to action. We can also help improve the visual layouts to improve conversions.

To increase the number of people that convert, you have to lower the barrier to convert and simplify the process. First, you’ve got to have a clean design that directs visitor flow. The use of colors, graphics, and white space and buttons all direct how a users eyes move throughout your website. Motion and featured content also weighs heavily on engagement. Always keep your most important content above the fold and in easy to read text. Don’t get too fancy with your most important content. Use nicely sized heading and incorporate some graphics that catch attention. Then be clear – have a concise message that can be comprehended within a few seconds. Offer a call to action and to find out more information.

Warming Up Your Website Visitors

Website visitors will only perform actions that they want to do and that they are asked to do. If you want to get leads for a free consultation, give them a reason to want to talk to you, and then ask for their contact info. Conversions is a perception battle. You have to win your potential customers over by looking the part, sounding the part, and being the part. This is the basis for the “know, like, and trust” model. Customer have to get to know you, like you, and trust you to do business with you. You can begin to build this with a well constructed website. A website that has a good design and performs well will give a positive first impression, helping add to the “like”. They check you out by visiting your “about us” or company pages. This is where they can get to “know” you. Having strong and fully built company pages adds to your credibility. Building credibility through company pages, known customers, testimonials, and third party trust marks all influence how much “trust” someone has for your business. If you can satisfy the user’s expectations and warm them up with a great user experience, then they will be much more likely to do business with you.

Visibility + Accessibility + Opportunity

Conversions really boil down to visibility, accessibility, and opportunity. In order to get a lead or sale, you first have to have visibility by the people that will do business with you. This is about getting traffic on your website. Adwords, SEO, email marketing, and social media help drive traffic to your site. Next, you have to be accessible. Accessibility is about cross browser compliance (the website works in all browsers), mobile accessibility, and contact accessibility. Your website should work properly on all devices. The fastest way to lose a website visitor is to have a page that doesn’t load, loads slowly, or displays incorrectly. Once they are on your website, they have to be presented with the right opportunity. You have to have what they are looking for, at the price (or value) that they expect, and you have to be the right place to get it from. Going back to the “know”, “like” and “trust” principals, this is where the visitor is converted into a lead. Give them easy access to make the sale, or get in touch for a follow up.