Your Pie Franchising


Target: Franchise Development Leads and Conversion Rate Optimization

Keywords: restaurant franchise opportunities (by city/by state/general)

Services: Website Redesign, Website Development, SEO, Google Adwords Management, Marketing and Hosting Consulting

Challenges: Similar to the store location issues, the Your Pie Franchising was having issues with organic SEO and indexation of content. This caused the site to not be included in Google’s index for keywords that can drive traffic and conversions. They also felt that the website wasn’t as inviting as it could be, and that their bounce rates and engagement numbers were not where they wanted them.

Results: SEOteric redesigned the website with a mobile-first design, and restructured the backend of the website and re-wrote the robots.txt files to allow better crawling and indexing. We then began developing unique content for each landing page while including states and cities that were targeted for franchises. We then optimized titles, meta data, markup, images, and code structure for better performance.

Here is a look at Google Indexation which shows before and after the website backend coding and re-tooling of the entire website and robots.txt files.

Overall Traffic increased 69% Year-To-Date for the 3 month period of June/July/August, with 71% increase in users. Bounce rates went down 23% and average session duration increased 50% – meaning more people were engaging with the site longer. Page views increased 176% and pages per visit rose 63%.

Google Adwords has also allowed us to increase conversions by an average of 20 new leads per month, with an average click through rate of 1.6%.

Paired with our local store marketing for the Your Pie locations, we are helping improve store-level metrics, and building new exposure for the franchise model. This digital marketing combination are helping position the brand as an attractive franchise as these metrics continue to improve.