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The Challenge

Your Pie was seeking a way to leverage digital marketing and search channels to help grow in-store sales and franchise sales. They wanted to put the brand in front of more people using “near me” searches for store visits, as well as getting in front of people searching for restaurant franchises.

Our Solutions

Website Development

SEOteric developed a new website to better tell the Your Pie story. The focus was on better user experience (especially on mobile devices), and for a holistic SEO approach to attract searchers.

We put an emphasis on locations and search strategies to attract leads from targeted markets via SEO and Google Adwords.

Leads were set up to funnel directly to the CRM for easy management.

The focus is on quality leads, with many times 50% or more being qualified for further discovery.

Website Development

Location SEO Strategies

The biggest part of the SEOteric offering was to help individual Your Pie locations leverage digital marketing (especially SEO) to increase store level revenue. Our approach started with developing individual website location pages optimized for their service areas and keywords.

We then began optimizing Google My Business profiles, building citations for each location, and improving overall relevance and prominence for each location. The result was a staggering increase in Google Exposure for discovery type keywords like “pizza near me”, “pizza restaurants” and “restaurants near me”.

We helped non-branded search terms (discovery keywords) overtake branded search for the first time, and now, the website and business listings have over 3 million monthly impressions in Google across search and maps (local listings).

Location SEO Strategies

Non-Branded Search

SEOteric began helping Your Pie leverage “non-branded search” to drive more first-time visitors and brand discovery. Growth from searches like “pizza near me” and “restaurants near me” soon began to catch up with their branded search traffic.

Google My Business Insights show a 90%+ Discovery searches, meaning most of the traffic was coming from non-branded search after optimization. This was because both the website and the business listings were highly relevant for these discovery keywords.

Even with the growth of non-branded search we maintained and increased branded search.

Non-Branded Search

Conversion Optimization

SEOteric helped Your Pie create trackable conversion points throughout the search process using click to call, ordering online, downloading menus, and other actions that promote engagement and lead to in-store sales.

SEOteric created clickable assets that could be tracked via Google Analytics to understand user behavior, and these insights were used to further optimize the location landing pages for each store.

We found that pages after optimization were converting at 18% on average (not 18% increases, but actually having conversion rates of 18%). This was over 20,000 conversions across 80 locations (an average of 260+ per location over 30 days).

With improved data, Your Pie was able to show positive ROI to the brand and a significant improvement in store-level metrics.

Conversion Optimization

Individual Location Dashboards

SEOteric provided data management and compilation for historical data that had not been previously available. This data provides Your Pie with a full picture of digital effectiveness.

Using our API access, SEOteric was able to collect and compile store-level data specific to each location and in a cumulative view for the brand.

This data is given to each location/franchise owner as their own real-time analytics dashboard.

Individual Location Dashboards

The Results


The number of Google search impressions monthly.


Monthly Google My Business Impressions.


Monthly Actions in Google My Business.


Average Monthly Franchise Leads/Conversions.
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