Collision Claim Associates


Target: National SEO Campaign, By State

Keywords: diminished value/diminished value claims/diminished value appraisals in each state.

Services: Custom Website Design, Ecommerce Integration, Lead Form Creation, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization

The Project: Collision Claims has a National SEO Campaign with focuses on individual states. We have created landing pages with state specific content to help rank for diminished value and diminished value claims in each state. National campaigns require lots of SEO work, including technical SEO, Content Creation, Link Building, Conversion Optimization, and User Engagement. We designed the website, created the forms, provided SEO services, and optimized the website for conversions.

This project also included significant custom website development including custom forms with e-commerce, automated CRM integration, two-directional third party API integration, lead management and storage, and automation throughout the sales and fulfillment processes.

Results: SEOteric has the website ranked very well for the keywords in each state, with a lead form conversion rate of 4.2% and growing, with just under 10,000 leads generated via the Free Claim Review form since we started. (**This conversion rate does not include phone calls**)

This is an exceptional conversion rate when you consider that the forms submitted for conversions contain over 40 fields. We created a sales funnel that was specifically engineered to create the need to fill in the free claim review form.

Organic traffic converts at a higher rate of 5.86%, with Google organic conversions even higher at 6.42%. (**This conversion rate does not include phone calls**).

The Design: The website was built to provide information, education, and conversion. I was designed from a more traditional page layout, but also utilizes advanced features such as a mobile responsive theme.


The SEO Results:

collision-claims-rankings1 collision-claims-rankings2 collision-claims-rankings3