Business Video Production

Business videos are a great way to package and deliver your message to your potential customers. Video has the ability to create an experience unlike any other type of medium. You can create excitement, intrigue, and emotion with video that you just can’t get with other forms of media.

When developing video, you want to consider the audience, the message (or script), the visuals, and the production quality. All of these elements can work together to deliver the message you want to your audience. Video really works when all of these elements come together to produce an experience for your audience that triggers some action.

Video Types

We provide our customers a range of video services, including still photography videos (or short promo videos), animated character videos, and live production videos. Each type has its pros and cons, and its price point.

Still Photography Videos

Still photography videos are the least expensive and easiest videos to produce, but they don’t have the impact of animated or live production video. These videos can be great at helping deliver a message, highlight a product, or introduce a promotion. Here is an example of a still photography video.

Here is an upgraded option using still graphic and stock video footage to integrate actual video footage.

Instructional Videos (Sceencasts and Webinars)

Instructional videos are great at helping clients understand processes and difficult tasks. Many people can more easily learn something by seeing it done, and instructional videos are a great way to do that. You can record your actions on screen while you provide the voice over instructions. Here is an example of an instructional video.

Highlight Videos

Nothing is quite as fun as creating highlight videos. These can range from sporting events to business highlights and special events. We help you capture the footage, and fit it together with a theme that fits the event. Here is an example of a highlight video.

Process and Time Lapse Videos

Process videos and time lapse videos are fun to watch and educational for potential customers. We set up a camera and film the process, then speed it up to fit it into a couple of minutes. Then we mix it with music to fit the pace, and you get some great video showing how things are done. You can take this approach with construction projects, build outs, demolitions, assemblies, and even landscapes and scenery. We film several hours of footage to get the condensed version. The results can be breathtaking. You can also go the other way and take fast processes and slow them down to pull out details in slow motion. Here is an example of a process and time lapse video.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are becoming increasingly popular. They do well in social media and have some small viral potential built in. With animated video (much like live video), we create a script to tell your story, then find the right way to visualize it with characters and animations. These videos are usually 2-3 minutes long, and are a great way to introduce ideas and your business. Here is an example of an animated video.

Virtual Tour Videos

Virtual Tours are really popular, as they give businesses a way to show off their locations to prospects in a way that is more powerful than simple photography. These videos can be used to highlight specific areas and even a walk-through. You can also add voice overs with a script, or use music that fits the atmosphere. Here is an example of Virtual Tour Footage.

Aerial and Drone Videos

Taking virtual tours to a whole new level, drone and aerial footage get a true “birds-eye view” of your property or projects. Aerial footage can show the scale of a location or project to a level that photography alone can’t match. This type of footage creates a real WOW factor. Here is an example of aerial video.

Professional Video Shoot and Business Videos

The top tier service for video production, our business videos are shot on site over a day or two, and are shot according to the script we want to use to deliver our message. Then, the shots we want to go with each segment are planned, staged, and shot. Then we take the raw footage and edit it, compile it, and provide the voiceover (unless audio is used with each video segment). The end result is a video story about your business and your brand. Here are examples of our business videos.