Business Video Production

Business videos are a great way to package and deliver your message to your potential customers. Video has the ability to create an experience unlike any other type of medium. You can create excitement, intrigue, and emotion with video that you just can’t get with other forms of media.

When developing video, you want to consider the audience, the message (or script), the visuals, and the production quality. All of these elements can work together to deliver the message you want to your audience. Video really works when all of these elements come together to produce an experience for your audience that triggers some action.

We provide our customers a range of video services, including still company videos, photography videos (or short promo videos), animated character videos, and live production videos. Each type has its pros and cons, and its price point.

Company Anniversary Video

Athens Orthopedic Clinic 50th Anniversary

Company About Us Video

UGA Greek Life

Product Promotion Video

Deadbolt – Behind the Scenes with David Hale

Conference Introduction Video

Brain Snitker Introduction

30 Second Commercials

BBB – Savvy Consumer


Yellawood “Backyard Better”

Sketch/Whiteboard Video

Yellawood “Backyard Better” Sketches

Fundraising Campaign Video

JamQuest One Billion Kids

Stop Motion Video

Toys ‘R’ Us – Toys Unboxing Toys Web Series